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MSFS Autopilot PID reset

I think the standard MSFS autopilot is quite good if the PIDs are correctly set for the aircraft, this is what I have experienced. I am currently fine tuning the autoland of my aircraft, it works well, but I have another problem:
When autolanding, the autopilot commands a trim nose up attitude, which is normal. When landed, the trim is nose up, I disengage the A/P and reset the trim around 0 to take off again; fine. Now as soon as I engage a vertical mode (V/S or FLCH), the autopilot first sets the trim where it left it last time it was used. Consequently, after landing I take off again, gently climbing to a pattern altitude, and when I engage the autopilot it suddenly points nose up very high, leading to a stall if I don't stop it :(

My understanding is that the PID used for vertical mode commands the trim position from the last "known" position by the autopilot. If I am right, it means I would have to "reset" the autopilot to make it understand the trim is neutral when I take off again after autoland. I do reset the autopilot by turning off all lateral and vertical modes, this works, but when I engage a vertical mode again, it turns crazy by resetting the trim where it left it last time.

Maybe my understanding is wrong, there maybe another problem here. Any suggestion is greatly welcome.