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  1. E

    MSFS Flying ILS approach on autopilot

    Hello experts, I am developing an aircraft that has the ability to fly an ILS approach using the autopilot. The LOC mode guides the aircraft on the lateral axis (localizer) and the APR guides it on both lateral and vertical axis (approach mode, handling both localizer and glideslope). To engage...
  2. A_day

    MSFS MSFS2020 New Airport Glideslope and DME setting problem

    Hello everyone, In FSX, I designed a private airport between the mountains with ADE. I wanted to make the same airport in Msfs2020. Before moving on to the objects of the scene such as polygons, terrain leveling, taxiways, aprons, buildings, I wanted to design the positions and frequencies of...
  3. FlyingAxx

    MSFS Is there a chance getting rid of ILS (airport is decommissioned)?

    Hi all, I think I've read somewhere (quite a while ago) about a planned possibility and even deleting stock ILS data via MSFS' development mode. But, at the present it seems that even ADE isn't able at least to read such navaids as it did in the past and I'm sure, Jon would have included such...
  4. E

    MSFS Settings ILS Course when configured as NAV3

    Hello, Do you know how to set the ILS course when it is defined as NAV3? I know how to set the frequency, all the event IDs are available for this (NAV3_RADIO_SET_HZ) but I can't find a way to set the ILS course. Needless to say SetSimVar does not work because SetSimVar is designed to be used...
  5. Olly Pollard


    So i believe i read somewhere in the forum ADE is unable to compile ILS approachs, at least it fails on me every single time. I read early in the forum from last year if i clicked approach mode and deleted the approach paths this may enable it but alas it doesn't work. When i compile and edited...
  6. E

    MSFS Adding Radios

    Hello experts, I am working on an aircraft in which I would like to have the ILS receiver mapped as NAV 3, just like in the Asobo A320. In order to achieve this, I modified the RADIOS section of the systems.cfg file as follows: But it doesn't seem to work :( In my code, when I read the sim...
  7. Serega_G

    ILS heading is not available for custom ILS

    Hi, I made an airport which is not exist in MSFS - UWSG. Runway has custom ILS: ... <Ils lat="51.71201532186709" lon="46.19870163475568" alt="32.94004926085472" end="PRIMARY" ident="ITW" magvar="11.000000" heading="81.00000000000000" frequency="108.55000000000000" name="ITW"...
  8. E

    MSFS Localizer issues after update

    Hi! After an update (seems like WU4) something happened to the localizers on ILS approaches. Before everything worked fine, but now the localizer seems to stay always way too far right with every runway no matter what I put for the coordinates in the XML file. This doesn't happen with all...
  9. E

    MSFS VOR1 is not ILS

    As I dig deeper and deeper into the Asobo A320 code to understand how all this works, I noticed that VOR1 and ILS are different in this A320. In fs9/FSX/P3D, the ILS frequency was set by setting VOR1 frequency, so ILS and VOR1 was not independent. In MSFS, you can set a frequency for the ILS and...
  10. F

    MSFS Fixing broken default ILS (PMI)

    Hi all I have a question: The ILS in PMI (RWY24L) is not set-up properly. When you follow the glideslope you come in way too high and end up landing half way down the runway. Larger planes are unable to stop in time and overshoot the runway. Is there any way this can be corrected by myself in...
  11. Mr.Mo

    MSFS Problems with ILS (SOLVED)

    Folks, I have a short question. Is it possible to modify a single ILS in the XML? I am getting problems with the stock runway ILS data for the 08. The 26 works perfect but the ILS antenna 08 is in real and within the Sim placed beside the runway, not at the end. So the plane lands wide away...
  12. J

    Plane not lining up w/ ILS

    I get that FSX is a hundred years old , how do I fix the plane to line up with the correct ILS.. I recreated the airport. CYTR I went to put the plane at the start of Rwy 24 and it was off by a few hundred ft. I would gladly take any advice, tips or support Jimm