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  1. pigpot

    MSFS Fuselage Material

    Hello, what material is used in MSFS2020 for an airliners fuselage? Is there a way to apply it on a model in blender? Thanks! Here are some examples:
  2. M

    MSFS Help Modifying Runway Materials

    I've watched the basic tutorials on creating custom textures, lines, etc. and that all seems easy enough. I would like to create a custom version of the default runway asphalt included in the sim. Since I discovered I can't colorize it I figured I'd copy the DDS file and modify it. But when I...
  3. FrancisJohannes


    HI GUYS, So I have this mesh on top of my aircraft. It keeps turning black at a certain time of the day. Normally slightly when the sun is at 1%. This is a mesh exported from blender. I've followed the default aircrafts shading configurations and utilized default NORM & COMP textures as well...
  4. [A51] Jag

    Mesh / Material Issues help [3ds Max 2022]

    Hi! So I'm getting back into MSFS development after a year hiatus and I am working on getting our model into MSFS ready for testing and development, however there are some normal issues that I have no idea how to fix. When the material is set to "Standard (Legacy)" they appear just fine...
  5. L

    MSFS SU10 problems with apron (and taxiway) materials

    Hello, I have found a big problem trying to create a new apron or a new taxiway; after the creation of the apron, the default material (Asobo Concrete if I remeber well) is correctly used, and also coloration effects are working. But changing the material, choosing it from the default materials...
  6. M

    Scenery polygon and apron not showing any material and not excluding anything

    Hey guys! I know this issue have been addressed already once in this forum https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/polygons-are-no-longer-working-correctly-msfs-2020-sdk-0-7.450077/ But since than we had a lot of updates and the SDK was working okish... But since today I have the problem that...
  7. T

    Blender Materials don't show in MSFS when exporting from Blender

    Hello everyone, I try to export my aircraft model with Blender 2.83 (Blender MSFS Toolkit) and load it in the sim. I made some materials in Blender, but when i try to load the exported gltf file with them, i can't load it in the sim. When i export the model without any materials, the blank...
  8. JohanP

    Interior Textures

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to get my P3D scenery working in MSFS, but having used Sketchup almost exclusively for modelling I'm a bit lost in the world of Blender. The import from sketchup via .obj into Blender seems to work ok. However i do notice that the inside of my building is textured as...
  9. F

    Tutorial video about creating materials and individual runway markings

    Here is my new SDK tutorial video (german language with english subtitles) about individiual materials and runway markings: Have fun !
  10. Losco Nosciuto

    MSFS Missing Custom materials after package build

    Hello everybody. I am making a scenery, using a custom "water" material (fake water to substitute the vanilla dark water background from sat imagery). I imported it correctly, the package builds with no errors, and in DevMode I can see it working properly. Things that doesn't happen when I...
  11. OzWookiee

    MSFS Transparency for Windscreen textures

    Hey folks, Anyone got any ideas on how I can fix this issue with the windscreens not rendering properly in the sim? I've set the Material in Blender to "windscreen" and the texture has Alpha set to completly transparent. Have the same issue with instrument glass in the cockpit.