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  1. I

    mdl to gltf with mcx (problems)

    Good morning everyone, my name is Iker. First of all, I would like to congratulate Arno (creator of MCX) for the great tool created. I don't want to forget all the other users who create a fantastic community and help others. I'm trying to export several of my own fsx models to msfs. I play in...
  2. A

    MCX Can't associate .bgl .gltf file types with MCX

    Hello! Anyone encountered this problem when not able to associate .bgl .gltf file types with Model Converter X? Windows 11. If yes, this issue can be fixed? Thank you!
  3. WorldSky

    MCX texture looks blurry from far

    Hello, how do I restore the texture so that it is not blurry from a distance view? because in p3d it looks the same as what I see in mmcx.
  4. WorldSky

    Vertex error limit

    Hey guys, I want to convert my own scenery from p3d to fsx, I made full terminal with interior and high detail, but when converting error appears ( see image ) how fix it ?
  5. Misho

    MCX MCX - possible to save a "MCX project"?

    So - Having a LOT of FSX/P3Dx.x 3D assets created in 3DS MAX 8 (compatible with older SDKs), and still reluctant to plunge and purchase the latest 3DS MAX upgrade, I am converting them into MSFS format using MCX. My current workflow is: Edit MAX 3D geometry/materials in 3DS MAX 8 Export them to...
  6. M

    Attached Light in MSFS

    I am trying to adjust the intensity of attached point lights for use in MSFS. These are way too bright. I tried adjusting in the spotlight area, but no change. I am really not understanding the parameters to use spotlight, hence I tried point light. Maybe I have to use spotlight but feel it...
  7. jkustom56

    MSFS ModelConverterX Textures have become darker

    Hello, This is my first post. I have been making my own scenery objects for about 7 years. My method is to build Buildings such as hangars using TinkerCad, converting the STL file with MCX into .dae files, than painting/texturing in SketchUp, exporting the .KMZ file back to MCX to place them...
  8. Misho

    MSFS Converting P3D 3D structures (bgl) to MSFS2020 using MCX - textures are a no-show

    Hi everyone, I am trying a direct conversion of a P3D object (bgl) into MSFS2020 using MCX. Everything went fine, except the textures are not showing up in MSFS2020. Here is what I did: I converted a large object (a hangar) I designed for P3D into MSFS2020 project using MCX (latest version). I...

    MSFS doesn't render my model

    Hi I've been trying to spawn a simobject in the sim but MSFS doesn't render the model I've tried various tools with no success, MCX, Blender2MSFS.... MCX can read my models and other developers' models very well, but the export doesn't render in the sim, @arno any Idea ? I have been trying to...
  10. A

    P3D v5 Ground polygon issue transparent PBR Material

    Hello guys! The issue consists in the fact that some of the translucent layers (PBR materials) from my custom ground poly, disappear at certain view angles. If I set materials to opaque the problem goes away. Z-Bias begins from 4 to 6, 8 and so on... There's no "overlapping" z-bias layers. The...
  11. A

    MCX A suggestion for MCX

    Hello, @arno ! It's been a quite some time now using your tools, especially MCX. It is a great tool! Thx! However, I think it can be further improved in terms of user experience. This is not a request but a suggestion, how the title says ) What I think you could do to improve interaction with...
  12. unc1rlm

    MSFS Getting attached object to show up

    Sorry...if I want to see where on the aircraft a light is on the wings or wherever..how do i get it to show up. I am in the AOE and i want to select attpt_light09 and i want to see where it is..How do I do that or do i need to be in the Hierarchy and select attached there.. how do i get it to...
  13. C

    Transparent texture visible in fog

    Hey everyone, just noticed that my transparent light texture is visible in the fog Maybe I did something wrong in MCX? Any ideas?
  14. J

    FSX Prop Animations not working after Export in ModelConverterX (SOLVED)

    Hi Guys, I need some input here. I have tried converting an FS2004 model to FSX. In general everything has converted well, except for one thing - the prop animations. I have followed the instructions from Tom Gibson meticulously. (Both the web version as well as the pdf version.) the ones I...
  15. DaymarusLV

    MSFS PBR Metallic glance using SketchUP and MCX

    Good day everyone! Really struggling with the PBR. As seen on the photo, when I exported model using MCX, the in-sim look is not that great, has no metallic glance where it should be. I'm new to the modeling in general, and would really appreciate any help. I know that there should be some AO...
  16. caleb

    P3D v4 Add dynamic lighting in sim?

    I have seen some tutorials on how to add dynamic lighting to P3D using model converter X. Adding the effect to a building and then overwriting an existing building BGL or adding the building to an airport with ADE. This may be a long shot, but does anyone know if there is a tool to add dynamic...
  17. tsgucci

    P3D v5 Converted gltf becomes black in P3D

    Hi Guys! Hi Arno! I'm trying to convert gltf objects to P3D v4.4 mdl. In MCX everything looks fine but in the sim the entire object is black. If I export the object from 3DS Max P3D v4.4 plugin to .X file and convert it with MCX to a P3D v4.4 mdl than the object is completely okay. So it is...
  18. W

    Anti-aliasing in MCX

    I have not worked with MCX for a long time, and now at startup I realized that when switching to a new engine somewhere, anti-aliasing was "lost". Previously, in the Nvidia control panel, it was enough to set forced anti-aliasing to make the ladders disappear. Now this method has stopped...
  19. ashmanmedia

    Bridge Lights from ModelConverterX

    Question using ModelConverterX recently it converted my X-Plane.obj which had lights into a .gltf OBJECT just fine. but looking at the code and the lights they appear not to offer a STAR or maybe are just CONE lights? Can anyone recommend a change to this light type to get Bridge Lighting...
  20. Matteo07

    Invalid file X

    Hi everyone, I tryed to convert a file .mdl and ModelConverterX v1.4 reported this error: I saw that MCX doesn't create the file .X How can I fix it? Thank you, Matteo