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P3D v4 AI won't show up

1. I have a good plane (not red) 2. flight paln is good... no errors. compiles good. 3. airport has a number of parking with ample radius size, and coded for the AI. 4. fault finder shows good for all connections. results- ai does not show up. Traffic explorer does not show the ai at this airport or anywhere.

as a test I made a flight plan for this AI for another existing airport of mine I did long ago. I went to THAT airport and this AI showed up fine.. and taxied out. What am I missing here?


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What you've essentially said is that you made a flight plan that doesn't work at one airport but does at another. Without further detail, that suggests AIFP has done it's job but that there is a problem with either or both the non-operational airport or your procedures.

The AIFP user manual contains a trouble-shooting guide. I suggest you refer to that and, if you don't find a solution, you at least tell us the steps you have taken to isolate the issue.
Thannk you for your reply. Actually I made a separate flight plan for the other aiport and th at one works. Neither plan sends th AI to the other airport. These are in totally different regions. the one th at does not work in in France... however a friend of mine and I have made flights for THAT airport with different AI and they work. The ones that do work involve Mir2 (Mirages) and teh ones that do not work at the French airport is a MIR4 large Mirages.


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Then I suggest you take a close look at the aircraft of concern. AIFP simply passes the aircraft title and nominal cruise speed to Flightsim via the traffic file and of course the departure and arrival times. AIFP has nothing to do with the performance of the aircraft in Flightsim.
very good. Is it possible that an AI works here but not there? AND possible that it freezes or stops flight plans in said airport from working?.... perhaps due to the questionable AI


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Is it possible that an AI works here but not there?
Unusual question, given that above you seem to have said one aircraft works in both locations and the other doesn't work at all
possible that it freezes or stops flight plans in said airport from working
Assuming the airport is valid and has adequate parking available, it's difficult to guess why one valid aircraft would work and another wouldn't.

I've pointed you to AIFP fault-finding information. You have not indicated what steps you have taken to isolate the problem. Instead, you ask increasingly generic questions.

There are only 3 elements involved: the traffic file (assuming its in an active scenery folder), the relevant aircraft and the airports. So try eliminating each element as the source in some organized fashion. Given the very basic nature of the issue, the problem is unlikely to lie in the traffic file. But, to be sure, decompile the traffic file to confirm that it actually instructs FlightsIm as you intend. Are you using local time, GMT or something else. Next, check each aircraft. Are you sure that both aircraft are valid? (Not every aircraft you find on the web is useable as AI - despite claims by their developer.) Have you used both aircraft successfully in other operations? Have you confirmed that the aircraft.cfg file fully defines the aircraft and is otherwise valid? What have you done to confirm your airports are both valid with adequate parking. You need parking available when it's needed, not just theoretically. Turn-off all other traffic. If, as your questions suggest, one aircraft turns up at one airport but not the other and the other aircraft does the opposite, it should be a relatively simple exercise to determine why - but it's not a question I can answer.
First, I have been as explicit as I can, or nearlt so. Second I am not faulting AFP at all. My flight plan seems to be in order. Further inspection shows no AI showing at this airport! Last night I deleted this airport (LFBM) and made a temporary one using the stock afcad... made parking. wrote an FP, activated... no show BUT 3 other Mirages showed up but they are not mine! Checking Traffic explorer I do not see mine but I do see those 3 Mirages as MIR2's. Mine are 4's.

I will do further testing and get back to you. BTW- both of my mir4 and mir2 show at my test airport which in this case is NAS Alameda NGZ.

so far, my guess is nothing wrong with the FP, of course, nothing wrong with my test airport, the afcad in question )LFBM) has no faults but perhaps the French location, or something odd in the ai itself. I will report back later.
yes- used both AC in other locations successfully. aircraft.cfg check out good. I am using GMT and I make sure I am at the airport at that correct time.


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No offense intended. I was simply trying to demonstrate the problem could be broken down into more-manageable segments.

If the issue is that aircraft are showing up at the right time but not the intended aircraft, and the aircraft that do show up are as identified in Traffic Explorer, I would take a very close look at the [Fltsim.n] blocks in the aircraft.cfg files of the aircraft of concern. It would seem whatever aircraft title is specified in the traffic file is being misinterpreted by Flightsim. Are you sure you don't have duplicate titles in your aircraft "stable"? AIFP notionally uses the same set of aircraft as are available to Flightsim, but not necessarily in the same sequence.

if you don't find anything, perhaps you could post the aircraft.cfg files of the two aircraft so that I may see if there's anything that might inadvertently "trip-up" AIFP..


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I am confused. Rather than talk about lots of aircraft and airports can you specify the problem with one aircraft at one airport? What are they?

With these two, can you specify:

1. Do other aircraft appear at this airport?
2. Does this plane appear at other airports?

they both show up elsewhere. Traffic explorer does not see these at lfbm. it does record some MIR2's airline PASTIS but no MIR4's or 2's.
I disabled my LFBM and made another from the default lfbm and activated it. I then wrote as traffic file 2ith teh4r'ws, 2's and 3 or four others which I knew do work elsewhere. Nothing showed up at all. will exhaust asll other possibilities I can think of then send the cfg for these AC's. i will double check if there are any duplicate AI's but I don't th ink so. I would ger a warning if I had any, but ya never know! ;)
As a matter of interest have you used the "Traffic & Parking Analyser" function of AIFP to create a 'timetable' of aircraft arriving and departing your problem airport? I find this very useful for checking your sort of problem.

I also used a file search utility "Agent Ransack" with which I can search thru all of my AI flightplan text files which gives me a list of all such files that include aircraft visiting one particular airport.


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Another possibility is that you have another BGL file present somewhere in your active scenery folders for LFBM and this is preventing your file from loading into FS?
I am studying the analyser right now. no parking available for the times and then below about codes. I tried before to do the codes then no codes. AND.... yes I was worried about another LFBM lurking about. Haven't found one yet. I thought that using an Icao would disable a stock icao automatically.


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I thought that using an Icao would disable a stock icao automatically. ???????
For whatever reason, I wasn't notified about the recent posts. We don't seem to be making much progress here. We seem to be jumping from thought to thought, traffic file to traffic file, airport to airport.

May I suggest you create a simple traffic file , i.e., one aircraft, two nearby airports, two legs - Airport 1 to airport 2 and return. What happens? What does the Traffic Explorer say?. If AIFP's T&PA tells you there is no parking available and you believe that's not the case, lets figure out why. (If there's really no parking, you are not going to see any aircraft - though the Traffic Explorer might give you a hint as to what's going on. If different aircraft show up than are programmed, lets focus on aircraft. But, let's stick with the same, simple set of conditions.

If from previous experience certain aircraft show up at one airport but other aircraft do not, then the cause should be easy to determine by looking at the respective aircraft.cfg files - probably parking related.

One traffic file (all others disabled), on one system - one step at a time.
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I agree. I am bird-walking here from desperation. hahaha

Traffic file attached. this is an airport I did some time ago. The traffic file I made this morning. 3 AI's but 6 showed up. These go to khio in Oregon and back. I made extra parking inn both sceneries.

Ergo- the ai's must be good! next- I will send the analysis of the other airport- LFBM.



  • Traffic_aurora_mir4.bgl
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Bob, you are making things way too complicated. I suggested one aircraft, two airports; you've set up at least six legs involving three aircraft. With that sort of arrangement there's no way to know which particular aircraft you are seeing in Flightsim. Also, the numerous reports of no parking suggest there's more than one traffic file running on your system. You've got to be able to isolate this traffic from all others; if not, the aircraft you are seeing may actually belong to another traffic file

Please create the single FP traffic file I suggested, turn off all other traffic and give that a try. If things don't become clearer, please post the traffic file, the .bgls for the two airports and the aircraft folder. If its a BIG aircraft folder, feel free to eliminate any models/textures not required for the chosen aircraft variant. This will allow me to attempt to duplicate your situation.