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AIFP 3.2.19

Hi, Don
Just was notified when opening AIFP about this latest update.
Did update the software, and am getting following message
"The update control file on the AI Flight Planner server appears to be corrupt. If this situation persists, please post a notice on the fsDevelopper support forum"
Just to let you know
Blue skies


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Getting the same here: "The update control file on the AI Flight Planner server appears to be corrupt. If this situation persists, please post a notice on the FSDeveloper support forum." Though it does not affect the Application workings of, only the update process.

Edit: Only occurring when the "Check for Updates At Startup" is checked under the "Development Releases".
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Just a little finger trouble last night when updating the control file. It's OK now.

Thanks guys,
Just upgraded from AIFP 3.2.18 to 3.2.19 and a problem seems to have arisen! :(

Trying to use 'Traffic & Parking Analyser' which I use on a regular basis. As usual I am using a traffic file (.bgl) created by Traffic X. I am looking at traffic appearing at KPHX as I wanted to check for the appearance of new schedules.

If you look at the first image (from3.2.19) there are multiple instances of the same aircraft. I have never come across this before - they certainly don't exist in the Traffic X schedules.

I rolled back to 3.2.18 and repeated the EXACT same analysis - see the second image - there are no multiple identical schedules.

I have repeated this exercise several times in the last 24 hours to make sure that it wasn't my schedules but I am convinced that the problem is not with my data.

Any ideas?

[EDIT] Just realised that this effect only seems to be happening on the 'Departures' side of the analysis - is this significant or helpful in finding the cause?

[EDIT 2} I will stay on 3.2.18 until further notice.

[EDIT 3} Just noticed that, in 3.2.19, all of the repeating aircraft only appear on Sunday whereas they should be the same single flight on EVERY day of the week. So I assume this has something to do with the changes that have been made for 'multi-week scheduling' (in which I am not interested, by the way).

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Don't recall making any changes (intentionally) in the T&PA. Could you send me the flight plan file set or the traffic file please so I have a decent chance of replicating what you are seeing.



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I have just uploaded Development Release 3.2.19(a). The problem you discovered was related to the multi-week changes implemented several months ago. The issue only applied to files with a daily repeat period, which probably explains why it escaped detection for so long. In any case, 3.2.19(a) seems to resolve the issue.

OK Don, I was just about to send you some files for you to test but will have a look at the new version asap.

As always thanks for the prompt attention.