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AIFP 3320

Paul793, please check if the attached file resolves the airport elevation issue.

thank you gadgets ! unfortunately nothing has changed... for now i will reinstall the version 32221 which works very well, will try again with the next updates. if you will solve the issue please let me know. thanks
Just tried different approach in AIFP. Normally when I open the program, I select add single aircraft. I always choose by path. This time I tried by title > and was able to complete project. So what happened in the by path choice?


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flynby, that's helpful information. I'll investigate further.

Paul793, I'm at a loss to explain, but I will continue to investigate.

Both of you, what was the last release that did not exhibit these issues for you.


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So what happened in the by path choice/
Two entirely different processes:
- by Title - lists all the titles available from the installed aircraft list
- by Path - scans your system looking for folders that contain aircraft folders

If you don't get the same result with FSX, than it is highly unlikely that the PV4 folder is simply a copy of the FSX folder.

I will continue to investigate. But it would be helpful to know what was the last release that provided a different result.,
before upgrading to version i was using version and everything was fine. now I have reinstalled it.
Thanks for all
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Paul, I have tried every way I can conceive of to enter elevation and I have not yet found a way to duplicate the issue.

AIFP always returns the elevation with a "." as the decimal separator. The only thing I can imagine is happening is that with your particular language and regional settings, the "." is being interpreted as a grouping character and not a decimal separator. (For whatever reason, when I first developed the Airport Editor, I didn't spend a lot of effort making it language/region "transparent".)

What are your particular language and regional settings, please ? Have you tried using English as the language and the "Match Windows display language" regional setting? If not, please do so with the latest AIFP release and see if the problem persists. I suspect it will not. But if it does, please advise the exact sequence of keyboard operation after you enter the elevation.

I'm sure I can fix this. But until I identify the underlying issue (for which I need your help as prescribed above), I don't have a basis to make change.


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flynby, are there any standalone files in your \Airplanes folder? If so, please remove them temporarily (leaving only directories) and try again.

If that works, please zip up those files and send them to me.
@gadgets i attached the language setting of my win10 to pag1 of this discussion. but if this is the problem don't understand why everything works fine with the version. Im sorry but don't want change the windows language to test just an application (windows is shit ...).
thank u very much


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don't understand why everything works fine with the version
PV5 airport compatibility was not a simple process. Most of the airport-related code had to be edited. So, the code in 3.3.x.x is quite different from 3.2.x.x.

I will rework that code once again, but it will be a few days before the result is available.
you were right ... changing the number format (period instead of comma as decimal separator) in windows regional settings, without changing the language, solves the problem. I had already done it but I was doing it with AIFP open ... I'm stupid.
Thanks for your help.


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Paul, the attached includes a reworked Airport Editor in respect of elevation. Please give it a try and report back.


  • AIFP3322(b).zip
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Don; can you move this paul793 into his on thread? Have you had any luck on my problem? Haven't received a reply if you have. Many thanks in advance.