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MSFS Airport Essen-Muelheim (EDLE) released

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor

I am currently in the process of creating Essen-Mülheim Airport for the MFS. So far I haven't even gotten around to daring to do the scenery design for the MFS, because I just flew and had a lot of fun doing it. But now duty calls and after gaining experience for the MFS SDK (Dortmunder U from the Dortmund project), things are moving forward :)

After it became more and more clear how to bring the PBR textures from the P3D v5 Universe into the MFS Universe, so that they then also show the PBR effect, it was very quick to bring more MFS glTF models into the MFS ...





What works very well in the new MFS SDK:
- Export of the 3-D models as original MFS glTF models
- Revised and reassigned PBR textures
- Exclude the MFS default buildings
- Flatten the airport area with terraforming

Later, animated 3-D models will also be brought into the MFS:
- Animated people
- Animated ground vehicles
- Sightseeing flight of the WDL-Blimp

Of course, dynamic objects should not be missing either:
- Dynamic Windsocks
- Dynamic Wind Turbines
- Dynamic wind direction indicators
- Dynamic Landing-T

There is still a lot to learn and use. Let's do it :)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Other things work very well in the MFS!

- Glass material
- Night Textures
- Plants

Here in the example the result with glass material and and night textures ...



Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
It continues with the current Essen/Muelheim project for the MFS :)

Day by day, the understanding of how to use the tools of the SDK to get good results is increasing and so the ground layout could now also be given the new properties of the MFS ...


The experimentation with glass material is also bearing its first fruits ...



The glass panes on the visitor terrace reflect the surroundings



In the event of rain or snowfall, puddles gradually form - the layout is therefore dynamic

So much for the almost finished topic "Placement of Objects". It continues with the subtleties and the lighting system of the airport (taxi lights, runway lights, etc.) :)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Thank you George! :)

Now the taxiways and parking positions are finally starting, the parking spots are set and the paths have also been drawn ...

Screenshot (257).jpg

I would like to create my own AI traffic tailored for this region. The SDK provides the menu item Generate Traffic for this, but it is probably still inoperable!?

The dynamic lighting is taking shape, but it has not yet reached the end of the flagpole ...

Screenshot (252).jpg
Beautiful works, I love it !

One question, Christian: I would create an object library as in FSX, do you find the method?

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Beautiful works, I love it !

One question, Christian: I would create an object library as in FSX, do you find the method?
Hi Didier!

An FSX Lib as you mean it, I don't know how to do it. The MFS lib is generated by the SDK, it is composed of all glTF and bin files that are in the sub-folders of PackageSource:

OK Christian, I understand.
In this case your "library" is include in your scenery XXX and cannot be use by an another product ? right or I forget other things ?

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
You mean whether you can read out the guid or whether you can extract 3-D models from the lib? To be honest, I don't know. Maybe you can do that with textures that are partially not protected.


This is the location of the 3-D models and the textures that are in a Lib. Including the folder Texture, which contains the textures for the 3-D Models.

And here the folder with the files for exclusions, polygons, and the positions of the 3-D models from the Lib ...

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Thanks, It was a bit like what I saw as a possibility.
But the system before didn't work too bad, but why did they want to change it ? Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? (French proverb)
Amazing work.
Do you reload the whole sim to for changes?? (textures, etc).
How did you managed to get such amazing Glass Textures??
What about taxiway textures? are they custom made? or just default?

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor

At the moment, as far as I know, the Sim has to be restarted every time the texture is changed.

The glass front on the tarrasse is standard glass material of the MFS SDK:


The airport ground layout was made in-house, the textures are also made in-house. No default!

I noticed that the ground layout is shown in the cockpit displays:

Screenshot (261).jpg
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It looks really VERY beautiful!
I was wondering how you added dynamic lighting to the apron and if you have managed to add custom runway and taxi lights.
Once again thank you for all the info you provide!

Hi Christian,

At the moment, as far as I know, the Sim has to be restarted every time the texture is changed.

With aircraft, the textures are reloaded if you select a different livery via de dev-mode. So if you go back to forth to your repaint you can see the difference you made.

Maybe it also works with scenery, so quick spaw to another airport (maybe in Austrialia) and go back again to your airport?



Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Ah, thanks for the tip, I'll try it out later and report it here!
That would be great if you could reload the textures like this :)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
The "Bahrometrix Living People" developed by me have now been exported as original MFS glTF models:

But how to get them into the MFS is another matter, I have yet to find out ;-)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Maybe it also works with scenery, so quick spaw to another airport (maybe in Austrialia) and go back again to your airport?
No, unfortunately that didn't help. But it works with Build Package. This means that textures are loaded dynamically and you don't have to restart the MFS.

There has been good progress on the subject of animated people, because I have managed to get them into the MFS ...

And I had to work on the airport signs again at short notice. Because of incorrect texturing, the numbers and letters could no longer be seen really well at night. The error was recognized and corrected and now the signage looks like this with the correct texturing ...


With the subject of "Animated People" and the associated textures, I also tried something new. In and of itself there is hardly anything that shines in an animated person. Except here, however, are the skin, eyes and lips ...

Really nice Christian!!.

Are you using FS polys for your taxi/runways layout? Or are you doing it in Blender with planes/vertices?

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hi Tangerine!

This is the same layout as seen in the P3D version. The ground layout was drawn in 3dsm (line tool), not with Blender.