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MSFS Event ID's for G1000 and autopilot

I'm making a utility in VS2019 C# that shows a flat Garmin G1000 panel on a tablet, which interfaces to a SimConnect client on the computer running FS2020.
Idea is to have a solution for the finicky controls trying to click and turn the knobs while flying which is a bit of a PITA. First step I want is deal with the buttons, getting the Garmin's display on there too is a problem for another day.
I got a prototype working, I can do some of the things I desire, however for some others I've run into some roadblocks:

- The event ID's for controlling the NAV frequencies are separate for NAV1 and NAV2 (like oldschool radio stack), and don't take into account that the G1000's radios are controlled by a single knob, and a toggle for NAV1 and NAV2, I got around this by putting some of the logic in my own app but the (small) drawback is that the G1000's display doesn't correctly highlight the frequency currently being dialed.

- There is no event ID for syncing the heading bug, I can overcome this by reading out the current heading first and use the SET event with that heading though

- There is no event ID that I can find for controlling the VOR course (the CRS knob on the Garmin, but I also can't find any generalized ID for it)

- I can't find some of the event ID's for toggling the different autopilot features, I have some, but not all, for example I find no event ID for toggling FLC mode

- There are event ID's for the 12 buttons underneath the Garmin, and the ones like direct to/flight plan/procedures/.. and the big knob. However, they seem to have no effect.

Is the events being controllable via SimConnect still a work in progress and subject to be expanded on, or is it more a as-is type of deal and I'm thinking in the wrong direction for accomplishing what I'm doing?