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FSdeveloper is not very active recenly, is it?


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I have been a member of fsdeveloper.com for quite sometime. I think more than 10 years. I found that in the recent years, the activities were not so active. I scrooled through this General Chat and found that there are a lot of questions raised but the Replies are 0 even they were read hundred of times. If you open the old pages more than 10-15 pages before, almost all the questions are answered.
I don't know if you guys have other places to go to like Facebook or other website to discuss. If you know the answer, please do not hesitate to answer to keep the site active. I think I am just a user, not programmer or computer guys, most of the question I don't know the answer either. Or the complexity of the Flight Sim make it more difficult to know all the things, I don't know.....LOL.
Last time I posted here some of us developers (ex-developers in my case) were put in the category of

From this conversation, I feel it is breeding grounds for "Old FSX Dogs" who can't learn new tricks to get mad at new developers and cry out about 10 year old piracy protection.

Lovely turn of phrase, fits me like a glove. "Old FSX Dog", could use that as signature.

-- M. Jahn,
Stats, 952 post in this forum, around 20 freeware models in FS9/FSX/P3D, one interview at flightsim.com.
To be honest, in my case, I often get more useful replies when I ask questions in other forums. Not sure if others have the same feeling.
Answering questions and reading the forum need a lot of time. With the new sim everyone hast to learn new stuff wich also needs a lot of time. the sdk docs are not in every case usefule so everyone has to do try and error. to get answers. All peoples want to release new stuff for the new sim so no time to do other things than develope :)


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The forum organization has changed a bit, so that more specific sub-forums are available. For example the Blender sub-forum is very active. And as Mikea.at has indicated, the playing field is leveled as far as MSFS knowledge is concerned... it's new to all of us, so there are no experts yet. And Asobo keeps altering the core of the sim, so members don't feel comfortable answering, or simply don't know the answer. And many members are just too busy with their own projects to take much time out to address problems in depth. And some members simply grab information here, and don't share it with others... and that's alright. No one is required to help or inform anyone here.


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Actually I think we see more activity here on the forum since MSFS has been released. If I compare the website statistics from the last month with those from 1 year ago, there is around 40% more activity (more users, more visits).

I don't know how it is for others, but I don't have the time to read all forums. So I focus on the forums about my own tools, so that I can provide support for them. But I can't keep up with all posts in the other forums.
No complains here, I always have nice people around. This post, is the proof itself.

Greetings and thank you.
There is especially a lot of work now and not much time for all the answers. In addition, the developers themselves have many questions that require study and they have to be studied in practice, gaining experience with their own labor. I think that at some point everyone will have enough time and experience to help, support and share their knowledge with those who wish and have difficulties.

'Old FSX Dog' forever and ever.
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It depends how you view the forums here. My habit is to view New Posts and I find there are often several pages of new stuff each visit. This contrasts markedly with just before MSFS was released, when I might get a page, maybe half a page, rarely more than one page of new posts. So my impression is people are busy and bothered with MSFS.
>>To be honest, in my case, I often get more useful replies when I ask questions in other forums. Not sure if others have the same feeling.
yes I agree, but still I had some good info here late 2020 , , but mostly from 1 or 2 people who are no longer active here..

I think there's a lot of new developers looking for info and the this site has lots of older developers that have been through it already and are annoyed by the newbies, "read the docs" is the most common reply , which doesn't help at all, if some of the old good information could be posted and brought up to date, there's a lot of experience here ... or maybe a new forum for new developers


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I personally agree with that there are other sub forums. So, there would be more specific questions and more replies there.
But...I start to wonder if there are too many platforms and updates now. It is hard to keep up with those new ones, P3D v4.5. P3dv5 MSFS, Xplane etc. Just making old sceneries to compatible with the new ones making me no time to have new projects on other airports. The method of making might be easier but the painfull is the learning process as well.
I like the idea of Old FSX Dog. Time pass by, we are getting old every minute. The new platform always mean more informations to learn and time consuming. Within a few years, there will be an Old P3D Dog as well.


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That's a good point! Seems we MAXers are a dying breed and should also check the Blender forum occasionally
Do you work with 3DS? gods stay there you're in luck😲. I only regret having learned Blender, if I were MAXers I would already be in a studio... a real studio. Professionals in the field exclusively use 3DSMax / Maya😢
I agree with arno. The activity level here has definitely increased since MSFS was released. I do think that there are also a lessened number of responses to P3d and FSX threads. There never was much X-Plane activity here and in my opinion the level of discussion by X-Plane developers elsewhere on the interwebble hasn't changed very much since MSFS was released.

All this leads me to conclude that MSFS is dominating the flightsim community. This was to be expected. As flightsims go, the MSFS market size is immense and Asobo hasn't really documented the SDK all that well, leaving development to people who like a challenge. The SDK is still more of a jigsaw puzzle than a viable tool. I don't develop software myself but I do work with commercial flightsim developers on MSFS alphas and closed betas. I suspect that most of them have no hair left to pull out at this point.


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A rumor is circulating that in the future P3Dv6 would use Google map/photograpmetric data and a new weather engine.
A rumor is circulating that in the future P3Dv6 would use Google map/photograpmetric data and a new weather engine.
That would be amazing, however with that rumour I see you rumour and raise you a "Subscription based sim", after all it's not for entertainment. :p