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Polygons are distorted in the package build

I tried using polygons to draw ground markings, as aprons wouldn't render over painted lines, and in the scenery editor, it looks fine, but when building the package and running it in the sim, the polygons are distorted.
Is there something I'm doing wrong, or are the polygons not meant to be used for markings? If they aren't, is there a way to get markings to render on top of painted lines?


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You can try a projected mesh or rendering it on a flat plane in Blender (the flat plane will only work on a level surface really though, but you can apply a flatten first).

Otherwise, you could just use another painted line by changing the texture to your own.
As long as it's not wider than the widest texture available from the default painted line texture file, then it should work (might work even if it's too wide, not sure).

To use a custom texture with a painted line object, you can just paste over part of the default texture from within Paint.Net with your own image, save it as a material, then assign it to the painted line object.

See my post below to see how to duplicate the default texture file to create custom painted line textures
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