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msfs sdk

  1. F

    Photogrammetry tiles only at airports

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for a little issue im having. I use MSFS with photogrammetry OFF. i dont like the melted buildings etc that come with PG. Most airports i own are not effected by PG on or off but a couple are. KSTL by feelthere being...
  2. anzilimut

    Cannot load in custom model

    Hello, I export my model from blender using the Asobo exporter. Everything works fine but when I try to load my model inside MSFS using the “fspackagetool.exe” I get this errors does anybody know why? Error: project XML: C:\MSFS Whaley\My Projects\fushi-sun-siyam\fushi-sun-siyam.xml temp dir...

    MSFS Script to automate the validation of *.png files in the Materials directory?

    Hi Dears, are you all right? I'm here to ask you if there is a quick way to validate the materials inside the sdk. I have about 400-500 parking and taxi markings and other materials in the materials directory and one by one I am inserting them by doing the classic procedure: File---New---I...
  4. M

    Was there a fix for glass windows appearing black through fog?

    I noticed this issue on my DAAT airport as well as Roman Design CYOW, when there are low-altitude clouds/fog, the glass appears very dark/black as it has no fog effect applied to it. Has there been a fix identified for it? The material is MSFS glass with high transparency and dark color.
  5. S

    Help In Creating My Own Livery in MSFS SDK - Newbie Question

    Hi, I’m starting to have a play with creating some of my own liveries and I am unable to build the package receiving the following errors in the console: AssetBuilder | Could not find a valid simobject in...
  6. R

    MSFS Many airports with no buildings. Please explain.

    I am finding many General Aviation airports are flat and have no buildings. But they have satellite images of buildings. I thought Blackshark AI created buildings where there are satellite images and no Photogrammetry. But lots of my airports have no buildings. And there are buildings in the...
  7. M

    MSFS "Model texture not found in the texture directories:" - Help needed :)

    Hello, I'm new to scenery development in MSFS2020, so i need to ask for some help. I have exported my models with Asobo's blender converter version 1.1.6 (Blender 3.2), pretty confident my texture path is correct (have tried alternatives). But for some reason, which i cannot understand the...
  8. Tim Shafiq

    Polygons are distorted in the package build

    I tried using polygons to draw ground markings, as aprons wouldn't render over painted lines, and in the scenery editor, it looks fine, but when building the package and running it in the sim, the polygons are distorted. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or are the polygons not meant to be...
  9. E

    Exclude default ground textures in MSFS SDK?

    Greetings everyone, This is my first posting here. I tried to find the answer but couldn't. Anyway, as the title says is there a way to exclude specific default ground textures in MSFS SDK? I'm pretty well versed in SDK. Im working on my 2nd airport and the default concrete ramp for this one...
  10. thetford569

    MSFS Package Builds but not visible...

    I just updated the last few days to the SU9 Beta which includes the new SDK 18.0 - I wanted to test my latest airport project and continue working on it with the latest SDK. I open the project in DevMode and build the project which returns with 0 errors. When I load into the airport in the sim...
  11. Evilrash

    Blender model not showing in object library

    Hello everyone, I have followed "MyPhysicalWorld" tutorial videos on creating the scenery project. I have the model ready with me and its all exported as the exact way. The problem I am facing is, its not showing the model in the sim. The project built was successful. Picture number 3 is...
  12. K

    Light showing through Blender models

    Hello, Still very new to this and I have been having trouble with light going through my custom Blender models. I have attached screenshots for reference. Also, I will quickly outline how I apply textures before I export. I presume I am doing this bit wrong: 1. After model is done I click new...
  13. R

    MSFS Problems to export in blender model with blender2msfs

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my blender, when exports any models for use in msfs, the blender not create the files gltf and bin when use blender2msfs toolkit, I'm use version blender 2.93.5 I too used versions LTS, but, continues the problems. I feel very sad
  14. Hans Humblet

    MSFS What SDK engine parameters affect manifold pressure?

    I'm trying to model an engine and although I'm getting close to the real thing, the manifold pressure reading is too low. I'm reading values from about 4.0 inHg up to about 18 inHg. The engine I'm modeling should read something in between 25 (1400 RPM) and 42 (6400 PRM). What are parameters...
  15. Hans Humblet

    Dual bus avionics - How??

    Is there anyone who can help me with an issue I have with multiple Avionics circuits? I have 2 separate avionics circuits which can be activated with 2 separate switches. I have my model set-up (different node id's for the switches and different animation names - triple checked this). I...
  16. H

    problems with the project mesh with the new version of sdk 0.14

    Greetings to all, I am having problems with the project mesh and the new version of the sdk, when i load my project, the project mesh disappears when moving the camera I try to add a new one but the error repeats again is there a solution for this error? or will I have to wait for...
  17. dadpash

    MSFS Procedures (XML) creator for MSFS

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for someone who could create procedures for my projects. If you can do that please contact me $
  18. Ironpot

    MSFS SDK 14 Installs to C:\MSFS SDK without option to change - SOLVED

    The latest SDK (14) does not allow the ability to modify its installation location - It goes to C:\MSFS SDK (yes with a space) and does NOT provide the ability to change the location - any ideas? Doing something like this==> msiexec /i "D:\MSFS_SDK_Core_Installer_0.14.0.0.msi"...
  19. M

    MSFS How to make aircraft systems (MSFS)?

    Hello I have a project for a Phenom 100 for MSFS and I have a doubt is it possible to make the plane only with templates? or is it necessary another code if it's another code which language you can use HTML, Python, C++ or some other I'm waiting for an answer Thank you NOTE: I used Google...
  20. Sakuukuli

    MSFS Is RTCShot working yet?

    There’s documentation for real-time cinematics (RTCs) now, but when I make an RTCShot that references a .gltf with camera animation, the camera animation doesn’t play even if another RTCCameraShot plays correctly in the same RTCSequencer. There’s no errors in the console so it’s hard to debug.