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Light showing through Blender models

Still very new to this and I have been having trouble with light going through my custom Blender models.
I have attached screenshots for reference. Also, I will quickly outline how I apply textures before I export. I presume I am doing this bit wrong:

1. After model is done I click new material.
2. Under Surface I click Base Color and select Image_Texture.
3. I select the png I have made custom in Photoshop
4. I usually turn Roughness up to 1.0
5. Join all models together and export with Blender2MSFS
In options for export I put "../texture" in the Textures field.
I click Generate/Append XML file
Then I name the XML the same file name
Then I click Generate GUID and that's it. I do not select any other options.

I have never used the MSFS Material Params as the tutorials I had watched never really messed with them. I also have changed the shadow graphics in game and it does not fix the issue either.
Appreciate the help.


  • error2.PNG
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  • light-issue.PNG
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We can't see how your roof is modeled, but maybe there is a gap between the walls and roof? Either join the vertices or make the objects overlap a tiny bit.

The hanger with light coming from the walls is surprising. Maybe this is the same thing, but I'm not sure. I would check the material settings to ensure the emission value is 0. And always check the normal direction on all faces so they point towards the viewer.

You may know about it, but there's a setting in Blender in the Viewport Overlays panel called Face Orientation. This will color the faces blue or red to indicate the normal direction. This is good to periodically check whenever things don't look right. Red color means the normal is on the other side of the face and those faces may need to be flipped.
@sal1800 It was the face orientation! Thank you so much! Scenery is now fixed and ready to send to people.


  • A26.PNG
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  • Airport.PNG
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I'm glad it was a fairly easy problem. Your scenery looks amazing! So many cool details in every corner. This looks like a very nice place to visit.
I have kind of the same problem. Have checked the face orientation but it seems like lights from inside "leaks out". Any suggestions on how to fix it?

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Hi Sauron. You're issue may be different than the original post because you have lights inside the hangar. It may help to create a simpler object to test with.
I would at least ensure that the walls of your hangar have all of the faces connected to the entire volume is "water-tight".
I only develop aircraft, not scenery, but I had experienced lights leaking through the mesh when the light type is omnidirectional. Spot lights seems to behave better when they encounter a blocking mesh.
Thanx for the tip. Will try with the spot lights. The hangar has two separate parts, one inside part and one outside part. Still, the light from inside part escapes out. Looks like the material is transparent to a degree....
That's why a simple hollow test object with one light may be a good idea to try. You can validate the result with a single light and go from there. Maybe find which light types would work, if any do.
Typicaly the sun shines through blender shapes that are planes. You need to make them look like walls, so duplicate them just 2 to 3 courser clicks away using the arrow keys and you'll have your light proved roof or wall or any kind of plane.