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ScenProc script suggestions

gdal_rasterize -i -burn 255 -burn 255 -burn 255 -tr 0.000009266010702 -0.000009266010702 -te -126.02494697 45.07114956 -125.97001807 45.11255936 -ot BYTE "%path%\SBuilder\shapes\fantasy_island_blend.shp" "%path%\PR\fantasy_island_blend.tif"
Jim, when I use the above command you suggested in July I don't ever get past 0% when trying to invert the colors for the blendmask. The GDAL command process you've suggested above is much quicker (if I can get it to work) and I'd like to stick with that instead of opening up Gimp if that's possible.
Hi Chris,

But it works OK without the -i? That's strange, I've been using one like that and I just ran it, took about a second to write a 18756 x 12505px .tif. Is your blendmask .shp really huge? Mine is roughly 60nm vertically and 50nm horizontally with about 25,000 points.
Two 7.5-min grids... 31998 x 16002 pixels, so mine is a little bigger. But I'm not covering anywhere near the square miles you are.

It just seems odd that it takes about a second to kick out the blendmask without adding "-i" but I never get past zero percent if I add the invert command. It's not the end of the world that I have to open up Gimp but I am trying to eliminate extra steps and troubleshoot scripting issues that that give me issues like the black and red lines at the borders.

But some unrelated good news is that I am learning how to get creative with ScenProc commands and generate a wide variety of objects like grain elevators, water towers, windmills, storage tanks, churches, and other items based on height and location.
Made some changes to my autogen building script in ScenProc and I don't see any buildings in my sim.

While I troubleshoot, I was wondering if there is a file I that contains building/roof GUIDs, rather than just copying and pasting what others have used that might not exist in my sim. Roofs.BGL seemed like a good possibility, but I don't know what to do with that file. And I couldn't find anything useful in default.XML


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You need to take them from the autogen definitions. So you need to look at the roof definitions there, not at the roof GUID in the BGL file.

But scenProc has code completion for all the guids, so it should be easy to see what is there and what their friendly name is.


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That's another option. But in the field where you enter the guid you can also start typing the friendly name to select the guid you want.