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  1. NotBasti

    Looking for Project

    Hey, I am a 3D modeller from Germany who is looking for a project. My main software is blender, although for texturing, I use subject painter, which allows me to create high precision pbr textures. I have gathered plenty of experience creating sceneries for msfs2020 and high detailed aircraft...
  2. G

    MSFS How to create Switches and Handles in Cockpit

    Hello everyone, I am new in building planes, and I decided to build an old glider like you can see in my pictures below. It looks quite good already, and I have done four gauges this time. I am using Blender for the 3D-construction, and I know a little bit about making animations, so my gauges...
  3. K

    Needing to create a VERY basic aircraft for MSFS2020

    Hello! Kevin from PilotEdge here. I’m looking for someone who can create an aircraft for MSFS2020 from scratch- however I can nearly guarantee this will be the easiest aircraft you have ever made. The quality can be fairly poor (so beginners are welcome to try) and the aircraft literally just...
  4. BrunoReichert

    MSFS Beechcraft Queen Air B80 - Work In Progress

    Hello! My name is Bruno and I'm a scenery developer for MSFS, but I've also made an aircraft for X-Plane 11 (EMB-200 Ipanema). I recently had the interest to learn how to make an aircraft for this amazing simulator. I come here to announce the first aircraft I am making for MSFS, the aircraft...
  5. L


    Hi after last update april there are no jetways at airports, in devmode under tools psckages it says asobo-jetway unmounted has error. Is this file replaceble? A320nx at gate, When pushing ready to fly button aircraft swing around with engines on start moving a bit forward. Is this a part of...
  6. Y

    MSFS gear animation don't work in sim | please help

    I'm working on an aircraft and now I'm got to the part of wheels animation. I did the animation in blender and it does not work for me in the sim. <Component ID="GEARS"> <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GEAR_Center_Template"> <ANIM_NAME>GEAR_Center </ANIM_NAME> </UseTemplate> </Component> I put all...
  7. J

    Making Airplanes,Jets & gliders in MSFS SDK

    Hi so this is the showroom, I hope this content fits in here. I have searched YouTube on how to make your own airplanes for the MSFS 2020, but there is not much info around that so I made some videos about it, hope you enjoy these and that they give you ideas for your own airplanes. So I will...
  8. J


    What's the chances of getting a Hot Air balloon for the game? I have a design idea and a great idea for Control etc etc.
  9. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 Removing a stabilizer texture

    Hey.. I have a M404.. T. Gibson helped me alot...If I go into the "material handler"...of MCX...I can change both the v.stab bmp and the "L" bmp for both sides of stabilizer and it shows in the window but I click apply but I need it to stick so when I open AI Aircraft Editor...i want to see it...
  10. Z

    SketchUp Need some models

    Hi All, I am creating my very first scenery!!! I am using Sketchup for most of the modeling as I am **VERY** new to all of this. I was wondering if anybody had any models I could use or they could make, all static. I am creating the airport KPAO (freware) and am in need of some static cars...
  11. S

    FSX Invisible aircraft Problem (Help me ASAP)

    Hi, I have a big problem with FSX. Recently, I installed some new aircrafts. They worked ok and everything looked ok, but then, randomly while I was playing with a plane's flaps, the whole plane became invisible. If I use the 1st person view in the Cockpit it's fine, but when I look at it from...
  12. Leo2789

    FS2004 Help adding simple autopilot to vintage aircraft

    Hello, I've recently downloaded this package for an updated Default FS Ford Trimotor from flightsim.com (filename in library: new_4at-e.zip), and it contains a really nice but simple autopilot gauge that I've been trying to add to David Molyneaux's Airspeed AS.5 Courier (filename in flightsim...
  13. H

    SAAB 2000

    I am looking for somebody with a passion of aviation to help begin developing a Saab2000 for p3d v4 and maybe xplane depending on the quality of the product. I really dont care about experience as long as you have the patience to learn and develop skills. If you are interested please reply as...
  14. Leo2789

    FS2004 Installed aircraft not appearing in FS9 menu for mysterious reasons

    Hello I have a problem that has happened once or twice that I just can't understand how or why :S I'll use the most recent case as an example: I had all of the old HNAC Airbus A300's and A310's installed on FS9 some years ago, with lots of liveries, nice sounds and a cool panel, and all ran...
  15. Ronald

    Blender - Creating a low polygon airplane tutorial (bij Karan Shah)

    For all those aircraft modelers, who are just getting started with Blender, I've found a nice airplane modeling tutorial: - Part 1 https://cgi.tutsplus.com/tutorials/creating-low-poly-airplane-set-for-games-part-1--cms-26938 - Part 2...

    P3D v4 Question about polygon count

    Hi, I have been working on my payware Australian scenery since the start of the year and there is a few key static aircraft that i would like to place at the airport i'm working on. And i'm planning on announcing the scenery soon. However aircraft modeling is something i only have about 3 weeks...
  17. christopherbritton

    [Blender] Reduce Polys on Aircraft Model

    Hello, I'm looking for someone with a bit of experience in Blender. I downloaded a nice model from Turbo Squid, but unfortunately, it's too high-poly for a FSX/P3D scenery object. The model in question is found here: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/piper-pa-18-supercub-fbx-free/1041070 I...
  18. Milton_Shupe

    Gmax 1.2 for the Beginning Modeler (FS9 based)

    The Youtube based video instruction starts with gmax introduction and setup. It progresses through introduction of shapes and primitives, 3-view setup, construction of a complete exterior model including animations. The exterior model development is completed in 35 videos. It does not include...
  19. Ronald

    Aircraft model 3D model origin point - questions

    Having completing Krispy1001's wonderful B2FSX tutorial series (thanks again Krispy1001) I'm now busy preparing and gathering relevant fact (like blueprints, aerodynamic data, background info) to build my very first FSX aircraft model - the F16 - in Blender: After reading the FSX-SDK's article...