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  1. H

    AGGN - Ghizo Island, Nusatupe Airstrip

    My next airport will be on the tiny island of Ghizo in the middle of the Pacific region. The island belongs to the Solomon Islands. Enjoy them ;)
  2. hoynedawg

    MSFS [Progress Update] NZMK - Motueka, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

    NZA Simulations is proud to bring you a new freeware airport to tie in with our upcoming payware release of NZNS - Nelson. We have kept this one quiet.. NZMK - Motueka .. coming soon! Massive thanks to Blake and Terry for all the time spent grabbing references for this one...
  3. AlexR

    MSFS Looking for Designer/developer for MSFS2020 Airport

    Hello Guys, I'm looking to hire some to help me develop an airport for FS2020. This would be a great opportunity for someone willing to use their skills to make some extra money! Please, if interested, I leave below the link to the job post on Upwork. You can apply through there, and I'm happy...
  4. F

    RELEASED-Chuuk International Airport- FSX P3D4 P3D5 XP11

    Hello Everyone Im right Now Making A Chuuk International Airport as a private project, but im still on progress making this scenery which is from january until now. but here the progress of the Scenery. the ground is finished and now start making a building and texturing but i can't guarantee...
  5. L


    Hi after last update april there are no jetways at airports, in devmode under tools psckages it says asobo-jetway unmounted has error. Is this file replaceble? A320nx at gate, When pushing ready to fly button aircraft swing around with engines on start moving a bit forward. Is this a part of...
  6. NickCYYZ

    MSFS [released] CYKF - Region of Waterloo International Airport | RegDesigns

    On behalf of the RegDesigns team we’re thrilled to bring you Region of Waterloo International Airport (CYKF) for MSFS2020! Region of Waterloo International Airport is located about 1 hour west of Toronto and is one of Canada’s busiest airports. Waterloo handles everything from flight training...
  7. FrancisJohannes

    My first airport Las Americas International Airport MDSD for P3Dv4/v5

    Thanks to everyone who taught me and helped me in these forums. I have my first release at Simmarket. LAS AMERICAS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT MDSD Located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It receives aircrafts from all over the world. France, Germany, Spain, United States, Central America...
  8. O

    Modify Default Parking spots (Change heading, Delete or Add)

    Is there a way to modify the default parking spots. There are some airports where I would like to change the heading of some of the existing spots, as well as delete extra ones, and add some to other airports.
  9. L

    Enable Coloration in apron properties stopped working

    Has anyone found the enable coloration option in apron properties has stopped working, I use it to help colour correct ground textures but now it does nothing
  10. David Kings

    MSFS Need Help, Cant build package when compiling an airport

    hello need help, I am editing a default airport from my home town, I was able to add aprons and taxiways and built the package with no problems but when I add the runways and try to build the package I get some error messages and the BLG file in scenery in the package folder does not appear, I...
  11. boba3d

    MSFS LYVR Vrsac Aviation Academy

    Hi guys and firstly I would say I am quite grateful for this community because since MSFS is realised I learned a lot of new things. There are a lot of great scenaries already so it's time to share with you my wip airport. It's an airport in my hometown well known as flight academy and I decided...
  12. WildLynxPilot

    MSFS Aprons with custom texture misbehaving [SOLVED]

    I have made a custom material with an arrow resembling the ones used at this airport. I have placed them on the runway extension using square aprons. Made one and duplicated it. I also made the custom threshold marks using the same procedure with another, simple white material. Everything looks...
  13. C

    Sim Objects in custom airport

    Hi all! I just finished my first custom airport. Everything is fine, ATC is working, the runway and the taxiways look nice. The only issue I am having are the sim object. I added sim objects (like boarding stairs) to the parking spots and whenever I start the simulation all sim objects just...
  14. WildLynxPilot

    MSFS EFNU, Nummela airfield (published freeware)

    A highly detailed scenery of the Nummela airfield (EFNU) about 40 km NW of Helsinki, Finland is now available at https://files.fsnordic.net/sceneries/efnu-2020 Note, that you also need the newest version of the FISD Library, avalable on the same server.
  15. C

    Runway material not visible

    Hey all, I started building my first SDK projects a while a go. Now I am trying to edit my home airport, which is not really ellaborated in the game. I created the airport first with simple scenery, like Flying Theston explained in his video. Everything worked fine, except of setting up the...
  16. WildLynxPilot

    MSFS Published: Turku International Airport (EFTU) for MSFS2020 (freeware)

    The newest airport in my South Finland series is now available: https://files.fsnordic.net/sceneries/turku-eftu-for-msfs2020 Enjoy!
  17. Devinci

    MSFS GOBD - Blaise Diagne Intl' - Senegal

    Work in progress.
  18. Augustin Winther

    MSFS ENBM - Voss Airport, Bømoen

    ENBM - Voss Airport, Bømoen | Version 0.1.0 | 2020-08-28 I've added a quick and easy rendition of ENBM to the sim. This airport is not in the base game unfortunately, most likely due to really bad quality aerial imagery. Voss Airport, Bømoen is a general aviation airport located on the former...
  19. BlueMesh

    Airport Completed for me ( ADD 3D+SAT tiles + Polygons saving + PBR Substance painter )

    Hi if you have any questions i will help you. I've completed a blurred airport. So i've replaced Bing tiles by ArcGis.
  20. Nickijerry

    FSX:SE Attempting to customize an airport and set it in a mega-scenery addon

    I have been working to add detail to a local airport with ADE and having trouble understanding Terrain Polys in ADE. After many hours of reading and re-reading the manual, I am pretty comfortable that I can take a stock airport and modify it with buildings and other objects. But, I am really...