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Photogrammetry Airport Exclusions

Hi All,

I'm working on a couple of freeware projects one of which is an urban airport in a photogrammetry city. Photogrammetry is pretty good but the default "airport" scenery extends aprons and OSM buildings quite a ways into the photogrammetry which looks pretty poor both at a distance and on the ramp. I can't for the life of me find out what property of what object exludes TIN and photogrammetry from arround an airport. The data definitely exists, I've seen the whole airport in photogrammetry when loading up the project for a few seconds, I just can't find out how the boundary between is set. Any help is gratefully appreciated.
Polygon of type Buildings | TIN
Thanks for you're reply. In the scenery editor there is no polygon object listed under the airport in question. The only way I can find to overide it is with an exclusion rectangle over the airport object but that removes all OSM buildings and then applies the apron texture to the TIN buildings. What am I missing here?
Also I've tried adding polygons with excl. OSM builsings and force TIN but that only does the first half. It's almost like there's a hidden exclusion tied to the airport but not actually part of the airport if that makes sense.
Is the photoprogrammetry from Microsoft? Or was it created from another source?
Is it possible you are seeing the airport for a few seconds before the photoprogrammetry layers over it?

If the photoprogrammetry is from say Google maps, then there is no tin or data, there is just one giant sheet of 3d model to deal with.

You may be able to raise the airport over the photoprogrammetry, and even build on top of it. But you cannot remove anything with doing it in blender.