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  1. L

    Frequency changing with legacy key events doesn’t work in MSFS

    I wrote the following code in the model.xml for a knob to change the adf frequency: <Animation name="li2adf1m" guid="1e165643-8f45-4212-76d7-ace13e4fb81c" type="Sim" typeParam="AutoPlay" typeParam2="li2adf1m" length="360"/> <PartInfo> <Name>li2adf1m</Name> <Animation> <Parameter> <Code>...
  2. B

    FSX Info needed for add-on please

    Hi all I’ve been trying to find the best possible way to write an add-on for FSX,P3D and in future MSFS whereby I use custom made avionics hardware, I’ve been developing my own hardware in the hopes of one day starting a company but my background in the coding/inner workings of the sim is...
  3. Hans Humblet

    MSFS Cylinder head temperature and exhaust gas temperature for each cylinder?

    Is there a way to get the CHT and EGT for earch cylinder separately in MSFS?
  4. hoynedawg

    MSFS [Released] NZRA - Raglan, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

    NZA Simulations have been working away in the background on NZRA Raglan - Freeware due out next week! Like many developers, we have been delayed by issues introduced in MFS SU5. Here are the screenshots for the media release. https://nzasimulations.com
  5. tomlaut1980

    MSFS Customizing ASVigilus Engine Monitor ?

    Well I currently use the ASVigilus engine monitor screen in my custom made plane. I mostly copied the setup from Asobo´s Extra 330 plane. Now I am trying to change the Engine RPM display, but for some reason I can´t change the colors indicated on the monitor (especially the engine RPM). At the...
  6. unc1rlm

    MSFS Missing textures

    I have a gltf/bin/xml but its not looking for the textures? I edited the path for the textures and moved it up and it shows up in sim as white..no textures.. any ideas Thanks, BobM
  7. unc1rlm

    MSFS get rid of these buildings

    Can't seem to get rid of them..8 buildings except the great big one. Thanks, BobM.
  8. unc1rlm

    MSFS Power of 2

    Getting this message in MCX and don't know how to do this..Can someone walk me thru this or convert this, please Thank you, BobM.
  9. M

    MSFS Ground texturing help

    Hello, i need help on how can i archive an apron like the one in the image. I don't know where i should start and how can i make it like this one below please. Thank you!
  10. Hans Humblet

    MSFS What SDK engine parameters affect manifold pressure?

    I'm trying to model an engine and although I'm getting close to the real thing, the manifold pressure reading is too low. I'm reading values from about 4.0 inHg up to about 18 inHg. The engine I'm modeling should read something in between 25 (1400 RPM) and 42 (6400 PRM). What are parameters...
  11. Hans Humblet

    Dual bus avionics - How??

    Is there anyone who can help me with an issue I have with multiple Avionics circuits? I have 2 separate avionics circuits which can be activated with 2 separate switches. I have my model set-up (different node id's for the switches and different animation names - triple checked this). I...
  12. NickCYYZ

    CZBA - Burlington Executive Airport by RegDesigns | Released

    On behalf of the Redesigns Team, we’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest Canadian scenery, Burlington Executive Airport (CZBA)! Burlington Executive Airport (CZBA) is an uncontrolled airport in southern Ontario, Canada and was founded by Victor and Gwen Kovachik in 1962. Being one...
  13. M

    Custom toolbar panel - HTTP request call from Javascript within panel's code...possible?

    I would like to make this experiment, but I don't know if any of you guys already did. I would like to make an AJAX call or HTTP request call to a webservice from within a custom Panel within MSFS, is this possible?...(I think probably...but I'm not sure if any had already experimented with this...
  14. unc1rlm

    MSFS Trees

    I have planes taxiing thru the forest to get to the runway. Update: Messing..I think I got rid of them BobM.
  15. T

    MSFS Panel for MSFS

    Hi people, I'm Antonio and I trying create a panel for an aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. But, I can only make the Heading Indicator. How make altimeter, for example?
  16. A

    MSFS ai model converted from .mdl to gITF (MSFS)

    Hello, I have a little problem and I would like to know if someone can help me: I have converted with the MCX program, a file ".mdl" of a model airplane, to gITF to be able to be used in MSFS. Once done, when injecting it into MSFS (in this case with psxseecontraffic), the plane can be heard but...
  17. Hans Humblet

    Engine only starts with auto start

    Hi, I'm creating a single prop aircraft. But somehow I can't get the engine to start. I have my battery on, magnetos set to both and when I press the start switch, the starter engine comes on, but the engine won't start. Fuel tank is full and selected, fuel pump is on. When I use auto start...
  18. unc1rlm

    MSFS Unwanted scenery

    I have unwanted buildings/trees everywhere...in the display in ade..everything looks fine but there's alot lurking in the shadows... If you look at 2nd picture..there are no buildings, trees etc how do i get rid of this stuff..
  19. Quazzy

    Delta Time with WASM

    I'm going crazy on trying to figure out how to calculate delta time using WASM, without the use of a local time headers. As you can see down below, FBW derives it from PRE_DRAW but I'm having a hard time converting to C++. Anyone have techniques that they can show to help me out? Thanks...
  20. M

    MSFS [SOLVED] Simple Animation in Blender not showned in MSFS

    Hi I've done a simple animation, a ferry crossing a river beetwen 2 warfs. The export with Blender2msfs 040.2.5 work correctly. I can see the animation in modelconverterX, so it's mean that the animation is correctly exported. But in Msfs, the ferry still stoked along the warf. All the ferry...