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  1. DeMBaSs

    MSFS Emission lights

    Greetings! Today I'd like to know about the emission lights and how to make it work properly. On my main building in my scenery decoration lights fading with so small distances that it look really ugly. Emission works as intented btw. So no issue with it that except this one. I've searched...
  2. hoynedawg

    MSFS [Released] Tauranga Region, NZ | NZA Simulations

    Hi all, We have been working away on the Tauranga region for the past 8 months and are now locked in for the 16/04/24 realease date. NZA Simulations Proline™ Addon - 3 Airports and 1 Heliport included -- NZTG – Tauranga Airport -- NZWV – Waihi Beach Aerodrome -- NZOI – Motiti Island (no...
  3. hangar8

    MSFS Apron layers/falloffs/ground merging broken after build

    Hallo there everyone; I was hoping my first post would not be a question regarding difficulties with the SDK but here we are... I recently went above and beyond (and crazy) with aprons and building of ground textures for the project of my local airfield. In DevMode, everything looks exactly as...
  4. M

    I want to add custom runways and dirt

    In order to make the runway more realistic than the default one, is it appropriate to set up the default runway, make it transparent, and then install the runway created in Blender using Projected Mesh? Also, to add dirt to the runway, is it appropriate to create more dirt with blender and place...
  5. V

    Export with Object Centered in Origin not in World Center

    We model our 3D buildings in blender over a satellite image. Since the objects are all over a greater area, once exported, the center of the bound box is the world center in blender. How can I export so the objects are centered in their origin. The object origin is set to its center with 0 in Z...
  6. Evilrash

    PBR materials shinning alot.

    My textures are giving a lot of shine in the sim. Can anyone suggest on how to stop this extra shine on the wall material.?
  7. MM Simulations

    MSFS EYVI Vilnius International Airport

    We are proud to share with you the sneakpeeks from EYVI that we continue to develop✈️
  8. L

    Team Recruitment for MSFS Dar es Salaam (HTDA) Scenery development

    Hello MSFS Community, I am embarking on an ambitious project to develop highly detailed and accurate scenery for Dar es Salaam Airport (HTDA) and its surrounding cityscapes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This project aims to bring to life one of Africa’s vibrant but underrepresented airports...
  9. H01VE

    WIP boneyard Boeing 737-400 pack

    its coming soon! some fresh textures, some openings here and there et voilá do you guys remember when these where new?
  10. Evilrash

    Wig Wag Lights for Holding Points

    I was looking to have holding point lights on my custom scenery. Can anyone help with any tutorial if able? I have also modeled my own in Blender. Would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  11. Evilrash

    Airport Name Signage with lights

    Couldn't find any thread on it so posting it here. How can I model airport name text in blender and use that having lights in it. All I know is the name can be brought in using DECAL properties and throw external light on it. But now I want to put the lights to glow in the block letters. Example...
  12. K

    can ModelConverterX open MSFS models and liveries ?

    Hey Just wondering if ModelConverterX can open native MSFS aircraft models and liveries, both user and AI ? I just tried to import one but it shows the model distorted and livery selection drop-down was greyed out.
  13. Evilrash

    MSFS Material Params not showing.

    I have previously worked on MSFS scenery, coming back after a while and I am facing this issue. I recently updated to Blender version 4.0.2 and am falling to get the Material Params to allow me importing PBR textures. One object in my file shows while other object/models are not allowing any...
  14. Rick Celik

    MSFS 3dsMax Animation Workflow

    Hi all, Just wondering what the general workflow would be in regards to animation and 3dsmax. I'm stuck on a few issues, I create my character in external software, import into Mixamo to get animations and then back into 3dsmax. However when I combine the mesh of the "human" to make it one...
  15. J

    MSFS Datum Type for Structs?

    I see that some SimVars, e.g. STRUCT LATLONALTPBH return data that doesn't map to one of the SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE's. This SimVar for example says it returns a struct of 6 float64 values. In this case does anyone know what we're supposed to provide for the DatumType in the...
  16. J

    SDK SimConnect Variables - Source of Truth

    Does anyone know of any resource which is considered the best “Source of truth” for SimVars? I’ve found multiple locations so far which contain SimVar info such as: SimConnect Variable Index SimConnect Variable Category pages Programming API page listing Environment Variable SimVars Release...
  17. H01VE

    ACE 600 airstarter

    did this bad boy here recently! static object for the moment i need to learn how to rig it correctly cheers!
  18. Toperillas

    MSFS AI Boats problem

    Good morning everyone. I have a problem that I can't solve and that will surely be stupid. I'm trying to create a route with a model of GAIST but the ship never appears. I create a .kml with the route, modify the Boats_Ship_XXX.txt and the Plans_Ship_XXX.txt, compile everything with AIBRC...
  19. Marcstrasb

    MSFS How to make a Traffic AI in MSFS ?

    I'm trying to understand how to do AI traffic in msfs. I will be happy if the FSDeveloper Community can give me some ideas on the following topics: - Conversion of an AI FSX/P3D device for MSF - Using AIFP3 once the AI plane is integrated into Communty I can manage, but sometimes I need help...
  20. Classicsims

    Paid Position - Aircraft/Scenery 3D Modeler

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a new 3D Modeler. This is a paid position with pay coming per completed project with space for bonus' based on time between the start and finish on projects that we require assistance for. With the above said, payments will be discussed during a small interview...