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Christian Bahr

Resource contributor

Here are some pictures from my current project:


Dortmund Phoenixsee


Dortmunder U, U-Tower


Klinikum Nord Dortmund


Dormund-Ems-Kanal / Avatar Peter ans Boat Traffic from SimDocks




Resource contributor
The "U" always makes me think of a huge subway station instead of a brewery/university.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
The "U" always makes me think of a huge subway station instead of a brewery/university.

That would be a rather expensive U for a subway station. The large U has been gilded - with 554 grams of leaf gold. That is why it shines so beautifully :cool:

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hello dear FSDevelopers.

For information
Dortmund was published yesterday at Aerosoft. The scenery is called "Approaching Dortmund." The scenery is a complete transformation of a city containing the city area and the airport, but also a nearby small airfield, Hengsen Opherdicke (EO08) was integrated into the package, along with Manfred Siedler's shipping traffic and three P3Dv4 avatars gives Approaching Dortmund a unique product.


Aerosoft GmbH - Approaching Dortmund
Congratulations! A huge undertaking to release even a simple add-on. Yours is quite extensive. Used to visit Dortmund on occasion for business when I lived in Dusseldorf. So take a day of rest on now create "Approaching Dusseldorf!". :D

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Congratulations! A huge undertaking to release even a simple add-on. Yours is quite extensive. Used to visit Dortmund on occasion for business when I lived in Dusseldorf. So take a day of rest on now create "Approaching Dusseldorf!". :D

Thank you very much for your congratulations. In fact, the software package has become very extensive. And working with professional developers was nice and fun. In the end it became a successful combination of the very different sceneries and their components. Hopefully the user will enjoy it :)

Dusseldorf? I would like that too!

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
An FSX version already exists. You can find them on the Bahrometrix download page: FSX Dortmund 2014

An update for the FSX version is not provided. You know for sure about the problems of the 32bit Simulator FSX. It often causes an out of memory error in complex addons and in connection with complex flying machines. The user would then always have to drive his graphics settings far back. For this reason, one can only recommend to switch to a 64bit simulator. This ensures unrestricted flight fun.
Hi Christian,

Yes i know, yet to ALL my favorite aircraft and scenery ported to 64 Bit, is a expensive thing. Not all companies use a fair update policy towards P3D and want to cash in.

Was hoping that the Dortmund airport was also updated for FSX by AS team.



Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
With high probability there will be no FSX update for the Dortmund Airport. An Approaching Dortmund for the FSX will certainly not exist.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor

Currently I'm working on an update for Approaching Dortmund. The update includes a working clock on the church tower of St. Reinoldikirche in Dortmund:


The St. Reinoldikirche in Dortmund. The analog clock uses internal time variables of the P3Dv4. It has been programmed to P3Dv4 SDK. And at 12 o'clock the bells ring :)

In addition, all wind objects have been programmed so that they turn into the wind. These include the Windsocks at the Emergency Hospital (Unfallklinik Dortmund) and at the Hengsen-Opherdicke airfield:


Wind farm on the outskirts of Dortmund. The systems have also been programmed to P3Dv4 SDK and they are turning in the wind

Further, two new vehicles will probably be included in the package: a Hummer 3 and a Bicycling Avatar:


The Hummer 3 will be selectable via the Vehicle menu and steerable in the P3Dv4. In addition, he receives headlights that will illuminate the environment

These and much more then in the later released update.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
There is a new version 1.20 of Approaching Dortmund, published by Aerosoft GmbH

The changes and innovations
- Functional clock at the St. Reinoldikirche (indicates the local time)
- 3-D models of wind turbines replaced (generator housing with ENERCON typical drop shape)
- New obstacle light created for wind turbines (with high visibility)
- Power plant "Knepper" removed (was blown up in Feb. 2019)
- Texture St. Reinoldikirche revised (texture of analog clock incorporated)
- Two new FX files for St. Reinoldikirche (point 12:00 clock rings peal)
- WAV file of St. Reinoldikirche changed
- Reassigned to bushes/hedges (previously green in winter)
- Optimized the number of AGN-Autogen files (reduced from 566 AGNs to now 462 AGNs)
- Color correction of the summer variation of the othophoto in Hengsen-Opherdicke (the parking lots were slightly greenish)
- New: Bicycle Avatar (male with helmet)
- New: Vehicle Hummer H3 (with and without PBR material)

Wind objects turn into the wind according to P3Dv4 wind variables

- Wind turbines
- Windsocks at the hospital and Windsock at the airfield Hengsen
- Wind turbine wastewater treatment plant in Hengsen-Opherdicke

Special functionality on the bike and the Hummer H3

- On the bike, the front and rear lights can be switched on with a mouse click
- the front headlights can be switched on by clicking the switch lever in the vehicle (button assignment of landing lights)

*The installer needs to be completely downloaded as the changes have become very extensive. In the future, however, the scenery is represented in the Aerosoft Updater so that updates can then be made conveniently via the Updater.

Screenshots ...


The church clock of St. Reinoldikirche indicates the local time and at 12:00 pm the bells ring


All wind objects in Dortmund and Hengsen are dynamic - they turn into the wind


New in the software package "Approaching Dortmund" is a cycling avatar :wave:


Equally new is the Hummer H3. It is available in 2 versions: as a vehicle with conventional textures and as a vehicle with PBR materials