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  1. M

    P3D 5.4 ILS error at KLGA

    I am running P3D version, and if I load the stock KLGA airport into ADE v01.79.7475 and run Tools -> Fault Finder -> Find, I get the following error: VOR ITKD LOC/DME 22 | ILS Wrong Location. Can anybody tell me what is causing this error, and the steps needed to correct this...
  2. FSMuseum

    Boeing 707 AI Model (FS9/FSX/P3D)

    Hey all, I've had this model laying around for about the last 3 years or so, and originally it was the first complete model I made with Blender. I originally made it with the intent of exporting FS9, FSX, and P3D versions, but this was before it became clear to me that Blender cannot (readily)...
  3. H01VE

    WIP boneyard Boeing 737-400 pack

    its coming soon! some fresh textures, some openings here and there et voilá do you guys remember when these where new?
  4. ValinHawK

    Repaint of Lancair Legacy Livery to PBR textures for P3D v6 Completed

    Hello, I'm looking for an excellent texture/painting specialist that can update my P3D v4 Lancair Legacy's livery, external textures to PBR so it looks accurate in P3D v5 and v6. I'd also like to make some small edits to the livery (enlarge the bigger stars, I have the artwork), add a...
  5. C

    Reading BGL files

    Hi, I'm trying to read BGL files in .NET, following the documentation at https://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php/BGL_File_Format#:~:text=A%20BGL%20file%20is%20made,dependent%20on%20the%20section%20type. Using P3Dv5 as a test, and for consistency I am reading the same(?) BGL file as used in...
  6. H01VE

    ACE 600 airstarter

    did this bad boy here recently! static object for the moment i need to learn how to rig it correctly cheers!
  7. N

    ADE Won't Recognize P3D. Stuck On "Choose FS Version"

    Hi everyone, I am having an issue where when I try to start up ADE, it doesn't recognize that I have P3D v5 installed. And I can't locate all of the file systems in the startup wizard or open stock airports: I did look at other forum posts on this, but I couldn't find a solution that worked...
  8. H01VE

    B721 Static AC

    just loved to make this lowpoly one! and how it went... just wanted to share
  9. WorldSky

    Vertex error limit

    Hey guys, I want to convert my own scenery from p3d to fsx, I made full terminal with interior and high detail, but when converting error appears ( see image ) how fix it ?
  10. Jordansim

    Major News! LM Announce P3Dv6!

    LM Announced that P3Dv6 will release on July 3rd 2023! https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2023/06/121241/
  11. Nyro51

    P3D v5 NY Area Airport Request

    Sorry in advance for being “that guy” asking for stuff, but I’m hoping to shed some light on this relatively small airport. Is anyone looking into or already developing White Plains airport (KHPN) for Prepar3D v5? It’s a nice, small airport in NY state, commonly looked at as an alternative...
  12. TheCaptain3618

    Scenery Request. The Maldives

    Would it be possible to ask if you could develop the whole scenery of the Maldives? If you could please make it work for P3D V4. Thank you.
  13. tknudsen

    No texture after exporting P3D to X-Plane

    Seems the model it selves convert fine using the setup wizard - export scenery But no texture will show in X-Plane, even though the obj have the texture linked and named correctly. Did I miss a step or is it a bug of some sort / missing feature / old version From what I can see, the model...
  14. A

    overhead gauges not showing

    Hi, everyone! I just did the PFD's & the other main instruments of my plane except overhead and autopilot. gauges are not showing on the overhead. how do i fix this? i have placed gauges in the panel.cfg for them to show & it doesn't:
  15. X

    dwDefineCount always increasing in simconnect

    Dear all, I've been having a problem with the sim frame rate slowly decreasing over the course of 45 mins or so and have been trying to figure it out. Visual Studio says the CPU is executing external code and using trial and error (and disabling bits until it works properly) I've found that...
  16. Jason z

    P3D v4 Aircraft detects crash upon entering a taxiway

    One of our scenery users using our FSX scenery in P3Dv4 has noticed that when crash settings are turned on, their aircraft detects a crash when they taxi onto a taxiway. We've confirmed that there are no other overlapping sceneries installed. Additionally, none of our other P3Dv4 users have...
  17. E

    P3D v5 [Solved] Assign a variable to the initial page

    Hi everyone! I'm new in this forum and new to the development of gauges so I need an help. I'm making an EFB in XML (Code below) for a plane I'm modifying and I wanted to show a menu on the top left corner that changes depending on the page. I was able to get the first 2 pages with the menu...
  18. A

    P3D v5 P3dv5 airport design request

    Good day developers and designers all people here .. I’m looking for designer to design some airports in Saudi Arabia for p3d v5+ if you are interesting please contact me here thank you 😊
  19. C

    MSFS FSUIPC offsets and vb.net

    Hey all, I’m having issues with more advanced FSUIPC Offset reading and writing. I’m trying to read the planes altitude however can’t seem to get it to work using the FSUIPC offsets. I’m using VB.NET as the programming language. additionally, how can I read specific values within an offset...
  20. vezirgiannis

    Job opportunities for everyone.

    Skyline Simulations, a company with about 10 years in the field, is looking to expand its team and is starting a recruitment period. !!!THIS IS A PAYING JOB!!! What we're looking for: - Anyone that loves developing airport sceneries. - Anyone that knows how to texture. - Anyone that knows how...