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  1. MatGamerYTB

    I can't get past this screen.

    When trying to import FSX missions into Prepar3D, I always come across this error. Can anyone help me solve it?
  2. FSMuseum

    Boeing 707 AI Model (FS9/FSX/P3D)

    Hey all, I've had this model laying around for about the last 3 years or so, and originally it was the first complete model I made with Blender. I originally made it with the intent of exporting FS9, FSX, and P3D versions, but this was before it became clear to me that Blender cannot (readily)...
  3. Marcstrasb

    FSX What software can output an Mdl file ?

    Hello ! I am pretty bad at scenery. I need to use an mdl file with ModelConverterX to be able to confirm the geographic point in FSX. I need to build an object (control tower type) that I must output in MDL in order to read it by MCX and so that I can compile it in Bgl. But I don't know with...
  4. WorldSky

    Vertex error limit

    Hey guys, I want to convert my own scenery from p3d to fsx, I made full terminal with interior and high detail, but when converting error appears ( see image ) how fix it ?
  5. A

    Fictional island with a grayscale height map for FSX

    I have created a grayscale height map of an island with a huge mountain. I would like to know if there is a step-by-step tutorial available. If not, please suggest free programs and the basic steps to follow. The island is fictional. Thanks in advance.
  6. Akhil Vijay

    FSX Bluish color in runway white light textures at foggy conditions

    I have a concern regarding the runway and approach light textures in my custom-created model. During foggy or overcast conditions, I have noticed that the white textures are appearing bluish in color. I would like to inquire if I made any mistakes during the model conversion process that could...
  7. M

    HID Macros FSX help

    Hi I am working on how to be able to link a HID Macro button to a certain gauge or the other way around I am VERY new to coding and such, and are beaten by the confusing situation regarding coding gauges and macros I am trying to code a macro to my APU gauge in my flightsim FSX I did find a...
  8. =Hollywood=

    FSX FSX Gen_Buoys from waterobjects.bgl weirdness

    Hey Arno, I was just looking at the FSX buoys in MCX and there's some weird stuff going on both on screen in MCX then also texture mapping when exporting to glTF textures are coming in flipped, thinking if I convert them to PNG first it may help.
  9. F

    MSFS Issue to convert FSX plane to MSFS

    Hi ! ! Disclaimer ! Following plane i use, is from Carenado, it's Fa50 EX. All the credit go to the dev. Also, i use this module only for me and my self. Back yesterday... Trying to convert fsx plane to msfs with ytb tutorial : [First Part] Open aircraft.MDL in modelconverter X, try to...
  10. A

    FSX Cockpit shadows not affecting gauges

    Hi, I don't know if this is a well known bug or if there is something wrong with my setup, but basically in some aircraft when self shadows are on the cockpit is all nicely shaded as supposed but the gauges seem to ignore the lighting and have an unrealistic glow to them during daytime. I'm...
  11. Akhil Vijay

    FSX How to animate custom Jetway using blender IK-Chain for FSX?

    Hello all. I designed a custom Jetway using blender referring this link.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixztgc3mkCA) I completed all models, empties and all xml as instructed. Also I can place the Jetway using sode. But, How to make it animated.Where to write the xml code and attach it to my...
  12. F

    Custom ACARS system recruitment

    Hello, We are a well-funded VA looking to develop a custom ACARS system for our pilots. We would retain all rights to the project upon completion and payment. We would not want it replicated to other VA's. It would need to integrate with MSFS 2020, P3D 5+, XPlane 11+, FSX. We would also...
  13. A

    FSX:SE How do I compile an FSX panel?

    So hello Im once again asking for panel support sooo like 2 days ago I modified de whole Default 737 Panel for testing porpuses and now I wanna now how to compile it again can someone help me? Please adn thankyou in advance Amaury Chihuahua
  14. Ronald

    FSX [SOLVED] FSX - (Noob) - Cockpit panel "Repaint Challenge"

    Background on this project is to re-create an "As-real-as-it-can-be-simulated" copy of the Robin Dr400 "PH-SVT" of Vliegclub Rotterdam" - https://www.jetphotos.com/registration/PH-SVT 1 - As free FSX "base materials" I've chosen these fine free Rikoooo Robin download packages: -...
  15. A

    FSX How do I make the sound of rain in the games(FSX:SE)

    I want to make a make a mod wich adds new Wheather-related sounds (Including cockpit rain sound and thunder) so how do I do that? I already got the sounds(FSX)
  16. F

    (SOLVED) Objects not showing in Airport Design Editor.

    I am trying to upload a custom object into ADE Here is my workflow: 1. Model the object in Sketch Up and export as COLLADA. 2. Convert COLLADA to MDL using Model Converter X 3. Import MDL file into a BGL library and upload to ADE. 4. I then save the file and compile into FSX. When I opened FSX...
  17. M

    Autogen Appears Despite Exclude Autogen Polys Used in ADEX

    Good day all, I'm hoping you can help me out with this, because I've run out of ideas. Long story short, I'm building a fictional country in FSX full of custom airports and cities using ADEX. For about two years now, everything has gone swimmingly- I've even been building road systems with...
  18. H

    FS2004 FS2004/FSX Helicopter FMC

    Good evening developers. I wonder if anyone would like to work with me (a SAR specialist) on a project to create a helicopter specific FMC for FS2004 and FSX. I would like this to include the capability to fly search patterns commence at pre imputed waypoints/coordinates and and autopilot...
  19. B

    FSX Aircraft Spot View

    I am transitioning from FS9 to FSX, and am still getting used to the changes. I noticed that on spot view, when I move the view around using my joystick cursor, it becomes very cartoony. Anyway to make the view smoother?
  20. Poutine_Operator

    Ground Poly Error In ADE

    Hey all, I've been working on this fictional airport and every time I try and compile it I get this error from the ground poly editior - Any ideas on what it could be? I'm using the latest version of ade Ryan