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Blender 3D Model missing texture in the MSFS Editor

Dear FSDeveloper Forum,
I have been using the SDK Editor for MSFS for some time now and understand it really well.
Now I wanted to try to export a 3D Model into the simulator.
I followed multiple tutorials and guides.
The model shows up in MSFS but it is really thin and it is missing it's texture.
I have set the Material to the MSFS Material Params.
The texture is also being exported to the right path. The texture file has a size of 4096px * 2048px. I tried with the texture as a JPG and a PNG file.
How can I solve these two problems?
(I called the 3d model half-sausage so that it would be easier to find :) )


  • 22_03_2024_1.png
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  • 22_03_2024_2.png
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Can you zip the .blend file and textures (if they are not packed), and attach that to a post?
Here is the .blend file and the texture


  • souda-models.zip
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Sorry for the delay. Your object has a modifier. So you either need to Apply the modifier to the object in Blender, or tick the Apply Modifiers Box in the Asobo Exporter (which applies all Modifiers in the export... a best practice anyways). That applies the Solidify to the mesh, and fixes the thin issue.
The texture needs to be in a Modellib texture folder. You seem to be exporting it to textures.
Thank you for your reply. It worked!
Now there is still one last problem. One old thin model is still in the Editor.
I can't click on it and it is nowhere to be found in the Scenery editor.
How can I get rid of it?
Make sure the old model is not in your ModelLib source (and not in Community). Recompile. Exit the sim. Restart the sim and go to your airport, Reload the scenery in DevMode. The thin model will be gone.
This has been a problem with the Devmode from day one.