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  1. FrancisJohannes

    Blender Best way to stretch cable on landing gears?

    Hi guys, in blender, what is the best way to stretch hydraulic cables on landing gears? What procedure do you guys use? Thank you
  2. JDot029

    Blender not applying image as Material

    Good evening, After spending a few hours creating a 3d model in a CAD program, I exported it as an .stl file. Then I imported it into blender and saw that the entire mesh is made out of polygons. Not a big deal I thought. I went on to applying the textures. Now there is one texture I need to...
  3. Evilrash

    Geometry Pattern over faces.

    Hi Experts, I am looking to create a pattern example made over another objects face. Currently I enter the pattern in EDIT mode, copy the face and paste into another object in EDIT mode. Is there any easier method of building the tiles on a different face?? Would really help me a great deal...
  4. Fiideell

    Blender export to FBX

    Hello, after some while I decided to re model my airport scenery from scratch. Its been a while since I worked with Substance Painter... My problem is it seems its not keeping UVs from Blender project and its all messed up when imporing to SP. My workflow follows: 1) create model in Blender 2)...
  5. S

    Mirrored object flipped in SDK

    Hello! I've recently started modelling and airport building in SDK and it's kind of a new thing to me. I've faced with many problems but this one is something I couldn't solve on my own. In blender if I mirror an object, everything seems to be right. But in SDK when I import the whole model...
  6. DeMBaSs

    MSFS No lights

    Hello everyone! I've got a trouble with the lights...There're none and I'm out of ideas how to bring them into the sim What I've done by this time: – Checked the parent object in sym; – Checked gltf file as note pad, everything's good there (or at least for me); As you can see on screenshot...
  7. JDot029

    Exporting my Blender Model crashes the Editor / Game

    Hello there, I have built a Blender model for an airport I am currently building. Now this specific model always crashes the editor when trying to build the package. None of my other models crash the editor. Yesterday I couldn't even load the scenery as the model was still in the scenery. I had...
  8. JDot029

    Blender 3D Model missing texture in the MSFS Editor

    Dear FSDeveloper Forum, I have been using the SDK Editor for MSFS for some time now and understand it really well. Now I wanted to try to export a 3D Model into the simulator. I followed multiple tutorials and guides. The model shows up in MSFS but it is really thin and it is missing it's...
  9. K

    I want to add extra objects [different civilians and trees], to my scenery i am working on ? How to add without having to create in blender ?

    I am working on a scenery [an airport] that i am hoping to place in the marketplace. My question was, i wanted to add some civilians of different types, and wanted to know how i can add such objects without having to create them from scratch in Blender ? These objects are not available in the...
  10. M

    I want to add custom runways and dirt

    In order to make the runway more realistic than the default one, is it appropriate to set up the default runway, make it transparent, and then install the runway created in Blender using Projected Mesh? Also, to add dirt to the runway, is it appropriate to create more dirt with blender and place...
  11. V

    Export with Object Centered in Origin not in World Center

    We model our 3D buildings in blender over a satellite image. Since the objects are all over a greater area, once exported, the center of the bound box is the world center in blender. How can I export so the objects are centered in their origin. The object origin is set to its center with 0 in Z...
  12. Evilrash

    PBR materials shinning alot.

    My textures are giving a lot of shine in the sim. Can anyone suggest on how to stop this extra shine on the wall material.?
  13. M

    MSFS I have a problem with Projected Mesh.

    I recently started making an airport Scenery. So, in order to draw Apron and MarkingLine, I tried drawing using Projected Mesh in MSFS SDK and exported it from Blender, but the color that should be displayed in Blender is not displayed in Mesh, it is pure white. become. I think it's probably the...
  14. Rotornut44

    Blender Simplygon Alternatives - LODs/Vertex Baking/Remeshing/etc

    It was announced this morning that Simplygon will be discontinuing their free tier on March 31, 2024. The lowest cost tier is for projects below $100k USD at $5350 per year. This means that Simplygon is no longer a viable option for many small or solo developers creating for not only MSFS, but...
  15. Evilrash

    Wig Wag Lights for Holding Points

    I was looking to have holding point lights on my custom scenery. Can anyone help with any tutorial if able? I have also modeled my own in Blender. Would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  16. spatialpro

    MSFS Only LOD 0 created (should be 4x LOD)... why?!?!

    I have a scenery object created in Blender. I'm using the Asobo official MSFS Blender exporter. I have four LOD for the object, for which the Collection names end in: *_LOD0 *_LOD1 *_LOD2 *_LOD3 The Multi-Export gLTF 2.0 correctly identifies these as different LOD. I add in the LOD Value (for...
  17. Evilrash

    Airport Name Signage with lights

    Couldn't find any thread on it so posting it here. How can I model airport name text in blender and use that having lights in it. All I know is the name can be brought in using DECAL properties and throw external light on it. But now I want to put the lights to glow in the block letters. Example...
  18. Evilrash

    MSFS Material Params not showing.

    I have previously worked on MSFS scenery, coming back after a while and I am facing this issue. I recently updated to Blender version 4.0.2 and am falling to get the Material Params to allow me importing PBR textures. One object in my file shows while other object/models are not allowing any...
  19. Warmbrak

    Understanding aircraft animations in Blender (familiar with X-Plane development)

    Hi everyone, I recently reinstalled MSFS again and it has always been on my bucket list to work through the SDK and port some of my X-Plane models over. I am reasonably proficient with Blender and have created 3D assets for various different sims and game engines. The MSFS SDK refers to a lot...
  20. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS How to export an aircraft that depends on fallback textures before building an aircraft package?

    Hi guys, How can I export an aircraft to my package folder where most textures need to be called using the texture.cfg before building an aircraft package? How is the workflow in blender to the sdk? I'm confused on how to do this. Please let me know. Thank you. I'm very confused on how to rely...