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  1. M

    P3D v4 Camera View in C++ Gauge

    I’m still new to C++ gauge programming but wondering how you embed camera views (similar to using <texture name=“…> in XML) into a C++ gauge? The eventual output will be a FLIR type gauge in a 2D or VC gauge. Ive looked through the wiki and not found anything obvious apart from the texture and...
  2. A

    Textures are messed up after exporting into the flight simulator

    Hi there, I use the blender2msfs plugin to export my models into the msfs sdk, and I’m experiencing an issue. My textures look fine in blender but in the simulator the textures are messed up. here is my model in blender: and here it is in the sim: Any ideas why this is happening? any help...
  3. C

    Not showing textures

    Hi guys, got a problem which I absolutly don't know how to solve Checked already multiple threads on it but no solution is working. I got the following problem, when exporting objects from Blender to MSFS, some objects don't have textures in the sim.(yes they e.g. 1024x 1024, etc.) When building...
  4. A

    P3D v4 Creation of Opaque Glass texture.

    Hi. I am fairly new to the scenery development scene but am experienced in 3d modeling software. I am wondering how I would go about creating an opaque glass texture that can be used in sim. I want to create both a PBR version and a version without PBR. Could someone assist me? Thanks, Kevin
  5. Kiartz

    MSFS glTF Blender IO MSFS - Black object texture problem

    Hi guys! I'm trying to use the importer/exporter used by FlyByWire, here the LINK ! Someone know how to show the object textures in the sim? Because the result is totally black and work only metal and roughness! Could it be an Ambient Occlusion problem? How can I fix it? Here you can see...
  6. S

    MCX Problem with transparent textures.

    Hi, for some reason all transparent textures become opaque when exported from MCX to xplane .obj. The strange thing is when i open the texture in photoshop it is transparent but in the sim its opaque. In MCX it is rendered correctly with transparent textures as well. I have succesfully exported...
  7. S

    MSFS Materials editor

    Most probably an error somewhere on MY side, but I'm using the materials editor to convert jpg files to dds, but after selecting the files, and trying to convert, nothing is saved. I'm presuming I have a setting missing, can someone point me in the right direction?
  8. Md Alavi

    Weird artefacts can be seen through the transparent PBR glass texture

    Anyone knows why the back side of the pbr glass texture is giving out those black triangulation artefact PS- I had created this texture using substance painter
  9. Kiartz

    MSFS Parallax with Blender - Help!

    Hi guys! I'm trying to create some windows with PARALLAX MATERIAL, it work fine on the simulator but it's really difficult to map! I'm tryng with the default texture of Sample Material with numbered rooms. Moving the face, the image don't correspond with texture!! o_O Someone know how fix...
  10. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Refresh/Reload texture

    Hello! I'm currently creating PBR textures for my current project. While the creation is not too difficult, I have not yet found a way to directly check the changes to the textures in the MFS. Does anyone know how to reload the textures in the MFS so that you can see the changes immediately? I...
  11. S

    Is substance painter worth it for scenery design?

    I am trying to learn substannce painter and I am just starting to understand the basics. However it seems like there are only tutorials for assets such as a wood box, a medieval house or some scifi spaceship. After watching these kind of tutorials and then loading my unwrapped terminal 3d model...
  12. Av8rThor

    Blender Airport HDRi for Blender

    Here i am attaching a 360 png from an air museum in Sacramento McClellan. It has a hanger and windows with asphalt and a few aircraft for reference. I used it to model my windows (although in eevee they don't quite look the same). I find this a bit helpful as it more represents where I will be...
  13. Av8rThor

    Blender Buiilding a package with new files causes MSFS package builder to delete textures and their models

    I built a cube with two UV maps. I put the files in correct places and then (using the the fspackagetool.exe) built the package. it deleted half of my other models and theircorresponding textures! I removed the cube and texturees, ran the tool again and they came back! What gives? While I am at...
  14. PedroRNunes

    FSXA Black underline in taxiway marks

    Hello all, I am new to this forum but I thought redirecting my issue to where it is most related with, I thought fixing this here would be most efficient :) I am currently developing a 1995 rendition of KDFW airport, but I have struggled with this issue for basically ever when it comes to...
  15. F

    Substance painter - bake maps problem

    Hi guys, I wanted to start texturing my scenery today but run into a smal issue in Substance painet. After exporting my model from Blender to SP everything is OK. But when I bake my maps, one part of the model becomes suddenly darker without any reason. Its the same material. It does not happen...
  16. RomanDesign

    MSFS Is it possible to change a texture of a Asobo default generic hangar?

    I would like to improve my local airfield, and some of the default generic hangars avaiable in the scenery editor look very similar, but I need to change walls to blue siding, and roof to red siding from whatever color is on the default. Is it possible to locate this specific hangar by its name...
  17. K

    MSFS Texture issues on some systems

    Hi, I've created the airport EDER (see showcase if desired). On my system (RTX2070 Super) and also on other systems, everything is looking fine: But on the systems of some others (e.g. one with GTX 970), all my own created textures (aprons and centerline) seems not to work correctly. They...
  18. Z

    MSFS Textures problem on scenery

    Hi all, I have a problem with textures on my scenery project. Do you know how to fix this ? Thank you
  19. Z

    MSFS Problem with textures on scenery

    Hi all, I have a problem with textures on my scenery project. Do you know how to fix this ? Thank you
  20. Apoorv Pal

    Unknown Property: "standard" 3DS Max P3D v5 SDK

    Hey, I am actually a Blender user and just need 3DS Max to get my SODE Jetways working. I have the jetway modelled in blender with all UV maps and PNG textures and I exported it to Collada and imported it in 3DS Max. I need some help setting up the Prepar3D Materials in 3DS Max. Is there a...