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MSFS Emission lights

Today I'd like to know about the emission lights and how to make it work properly.
On my main building in my scenery decoration lights fading with so small distances that it look really ugly.
Emission works as intented btw. So no issue with it that except this one.

I've searched the info about it, found the video of mamu, where he explains how that lights works.
In my case to make such decorative lights would be suicide. I'll lose countless amount of time by making it with light preset with my hands... If I can make it, I can't even imagine how to make a perfect lines...
Maybe there's other tricks to it.
Also I've got the same problem with my apron lights.
Please lend me the hand, because I'm out of Ideas.

P.S. I'm attaching my blend file of my main building and screenshots. If you're need anything else to check it please ask it, I'll provide.
P.S.S. On the screenshot 302 this is how I imagine it should work. But if It gets any bits darker than it start to look like pic 303
Thank you in advance for your help!


  • Снимок экрана (302).png
    Снимок экрана (302).png
    3.6 MB · Views: 41
  • Снимок экрана (303).png
    Снимок экрана (303).png
    1.9 MB · Views: 42
  • Снимок экрана (322).png
    Снимок экрана (322).png
    2 MB · Views: 40
  • Снимок экрана (323).png
    Снимок экрана (323).png
    1.9 MB · Views: 44
Hi, unless you plan to make crazy closeup screenshot of those neon signs there is no need to have such details there
As a start, you can join all the neon in a single mesh, an throw in a Decimate modifier with 0.1 ratio
It won't solve the the lighting issue but will save 2million triangles

The deal with emissive meshes is that when they are too small they will fade away, their triangles became too small to be rendered

I would try a different approach, using emissive textures, this will save some 400k more triangles and using lods you can increase the emissive areas, it is worth a try

Of course light preset are not an option in your case
Totally agree with Mamu....this is an emissive texture candidate. You should be able to simulate the environment pretty good with proper texture planning.