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P3D v4 LLER - Ramon international Airport - Israel

Hi every one, I did some small projects before and maybe I posted some of them here, but this is my first big project and I've been working on it for the past two years
the Projects is LLER - Ramon int. airport that replaced the old airport of the city of Eilat, named after the first Israeli astronaut killed in Colombia space shuttle disaster in 2003, I start working on the scenery back in 2018 and more developers joined to this project so we formed the group of "VDG" to work on this scenery and hopefully even more scenerys in the future, non of us has worked before on such big project so everything is new to us. there been a lot of challenges in this airport but the biggest one is that half of the airport is 7m above the apron and separated by a 7m wall.

so I think it enough, it time to show you some of the screenshots from the airport. all of them has been taken in P3DV4










we still have a long way to go, and to make a lot of adjustment, the screenshots are not perfect but we are working on it
and one last thing, this projects going to be freeware.
you can get more info on my page (FTXDes) or on VDG page
time for some update, this is the main gate to the airport, and the last building that I had to do inside the airport
I took a time off the ground poly and finish this object, still have some fixes and adjustments , add static objects and trees and the night lights to the building.



Hey Felix.
Since you are talking about P3D and that I think that FSX is a no go at all, I just wanted to ask if you have plans for MSFS2020? :) .
I fly on FSX-SE and since June 2019, I removed all my plans about getting P3D (when FS20 was announced)

Thanks :)
So it been some time since my last update, it hard to find time to develop a freeware scenery as some of you may know, but me and the other developers from virtual development group (VDG) still working on it, very soon we will release an open alpha version of the scenery so right now we are finalizing the alpha version, in this preview you can see the custom vehicles that we have created for the scenery




if you are a developer and want to support our freeware project we are looking for custom ground service vehicles
We are happy to announce the release of the open Alpha version for our Eilat Ramon scenery. it took us some time and we can't let people wait any more so we released it as alpha, we still have lot of work to do in order to bring this airport to the fron . The scenery is available at our website. Please note that this is an open Alpha release. Enjoy the preview vidoe and your flights!

you can find more info on the developer page

or the publisher page
Congrats Felix for your amazing Artwork of LLER. I am looking to find this scenery for FSX, not easy?
Thankyou very much Felix and team. I actually missed this release announcement of the Alpha. The airport looks great . Fantastic work to all of you involved.
Hi Felix, I want to bring you what I found from your artwork LLER scenery. Can be fixed that elevation?


I'm not sure how the airport was made, but from viewing your video it seems that a part of the airport ground textures needed to be created using a 3D model due to the elevation differences at the airport. In this case the surface of the 3D model will not be "hardened" as that uses more resources and creates performance issues. It is just assumed that you will not need to be on that surface, so there is no need to harden it to allow and aircraft to sit on it. It's the same as how you can't land on the top of most 3D buildings, because their roofs have not been hardened.

I am just speculating, but that is my speculation on the issue you are seeing.
Hi Sharmes6, Good point, maybe on the next update can be better. You are right, the plane lands on runway not outside anyway (lol).
You are right, The terminal sites on a terrace so I made a 3D mesh, I awared of this problem and I didn't know how to harden the mesh' aslo you shouldn't go there so I did't spent time trying to harden it, I will try to fix it on the next update

Hello Felix and other developers of this project

Just wow, I am amazed by this airport. Instantly one of my favorites due to the location and architecture. And your representation of it is top-payware level, on par with the best out there. The texturing and model quality is really admirable. Please keep us posted when it will release, I'm looking forward to it. More than happy to pay for the full release.

One question, on my system, the drainage channels are covered by what looks to be the default ground underneath. I changed the scenery order of the two entries in my library, but this didn't fix it. Any ideas on how to get the water drainage displaying properly? I'm using P3Dv4.5. and have the global ORBX products installed. Allready checked and I don't have any conflicting sceneries.

Edit: Figured out my issue with the drainage ditches. If you activate the Ramon photoreal, the ditches showed properly. I had the foto deactivated to see if the scenery would blend in better with the surrounding landclass.