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P3D v4 mdl textures disapear after second export

mdl textures disapear after second export. what to do? is it a bug in MCX?
BTW the file size drops by 3kb.

I think I need a little more information to be able to answer this. Did you make any changes between the first and second export? How are you exporting (which format, etc)?
I was about to add platforms (IN DAE) and export it to p3dv4 mdl so i can see the model as it will look at sim.
Then i had to change layers and No z-write options. i exported again and all textures and materials gone
So if you load this last MDL back into MCX there are no textures anymore?
Very weird, I don't understand how that would happen.

How do you export the model? Export object or any of hte wizards?
Bottom left? All export button are at the top...
So if you load a DAE file again and export it I don't see why you should loose textures. I assume on import of the DAE file everything looks fine.
I edited the dae file first then exported to mdl evertyhing fine.
Then i needed to make a change in layers and no z-write, exported again and no textures

It happens to me all the time. When you save the file in a different format (even FS2004 MDL to FSX MDL) the file no longer is linked to the location of the textures unless they are in the same folder or in the texture path in Options). I need to restart MCX to get the textures to display again.
We may be talking about two different things. In my scenario the Materials remain, but the textures are not displayed there or on the model. Just a black/white checkerboard.
I don’t have materials also so I guess something is not right with mdl reader at all

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I have never seen materials getting lost on export. So can you provide a simple test file and the procedures that give you this result? Then I can try to reproduce it here.
First i add Platforms (auto platforms).
then i convert to mdl
then i change layers
export again and rip materials


  • LBPD GroundPoly.rar
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Your procedures are not really accurate. This is what I tried and I don't loose any the materials.

  1. Load DAE file
  2. Add platforms with auto platform function
  3. Export to P3D v4 MDL
  4. Change some layers in the material editor
  5. Export to P3D v4 MDL again
Both MDL files contain all the materials.