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FSX Missing Exclusions after compiling airport

Hello together,

for a long time Airport Design Editor worked very fine. So i could edit lots of Stock-Airports. But since a few days I've got a strange problem with the Airport Design Editor: Everytime i compile an airport to ".bgl" the exclusions get lost. In hopes of solving the problem I've reinstalled ADE and FSX-SDK. Unfortunately without success.

Do you have any more ideas? Had anyone of you this problem too?

Thanks for your help.

Many greetings from Bavaria,

Hello Dennis and welcome to the forum,
are you getting a CVX.bgl when compiling your airport bgl? so you get 2 separate files?
"getting lost" is this in ADE or FSX, do the exclusions show ok in FSX?
normally the exclusions will disappear when opening a bgl file and not your ad4 file
so are you working from the ad4 file you should have saved the airport as?
make sure the box is ticked in ADE/View/Exclusions
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As Ray says, you should be saving an AD4 file and opening that for editing. Avoid opening the BGL file for editing the airport.
Thanks for your fast answer.

When I compile my airport i always get two seperate files. In my case "ETSI_ADEX_D-HOPF.bgl" and "ETSI_ADEX_D-HOPF_CVX.bgl". In addition, every time an ETSI_ADEX_D-HOPF.xml will be created. As I start my FSX so i can see my edited Airport and the original stock-airport too. If changes have to be made i always use the .ad4-File.

Yesterday i had to do some changes to another Airport (ETSK - does not exist as stock-airport) and there was the same problem. After compiling the exclusions and flatten where lost. At the last changes before it still worked fine.

Viewing Exclusions is activated.

Thanks for helping me.

Many greetings,

OK Dennis,
lets start with ETSI, do i take it you have started with the stock airport and not someone else's airport file?
if you started with the stock airport did the first time you saved ETSI, did it get saved as the ad4 file? and did the next time you worked from this ad4 file were the exclusions/flattens still there?
FSX, how are you seeing your edited one and the original one! in 'FSX you should only see one ETSI to fly from,
why are you compiling to get an XML file?
can you upload the "ad4" file for ETSI that has the exclusions/flattens in it so we can take a look at it before it gets compiled...
or the last known "ad4" that you added these into............
Hello Ray,

at first, the problems with ETSK are solved. After deleting all previous .bgl files the airfield is flat an without any autogen objects.

As i startet to work on ETSI, first i loaded the stock-airport and saved it as ad4. After this i deleted all existing buildings and began to edit the afcad. After the modifications where did, i started to place new buildings, fences and trees.

In FSX i can se my version of ETSI and the stock airport at the same time.

Many greetings,


Edit: The ADE creats always an ".xml".


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Ok Dennis let me take a look,
if you do not want/use the "xml" file............... when you go to compile click on "More Options" then mark the Save xml section "Dont Save"
be back shortly once i've fired up my work PC
I'm getting the same as you, you say you started this airport from the stock/default airport with ADE or with another airport utility?
to me it looks like the micro excludes are missing,
I opened the default airport and deleted everything in it, so there is not a problem with the default airport, see attached
I also wonder why you added the "flatten exclude autogen" over the whole airport, the default airport already has one!
so you do not need that one, what were you trying to exclude?
the airport looks pretty bare already to me!!


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Good morning Ray,

my only tool for building Airports is the ADE.

In my FSX there are a few morge addons. In the past it seems to me that this function is essential to hiede objects from Aerosofts VFR-Germany 1-4.

Have you any idea what to do?
Hmmm!! i cannot see what is running on your PC, but your ad4 file is corrupted, unfortunately you may have to start again to get the micro excludes back again
and then you could copy all of the airport from the corrupted file over to the good ad4 file.........
BUT FIRST!!!Try this........ first delete the "flatten exclude autogen" then try an "Exclude" over the "whole airport" (yellow button) tagged "all"
then if you have any of your buildings in any of those ponds and would like to get rid of the ponds use a small terrain poly type "exclude general/water polys" then you will need one to get rid of the shorelines left behind,
for this use a tiny one (terrain poly) type "exclude specific/shorelines generic lake" sometimes you may have to use more than one to get rid of all of them

then disable any addons you have to test your new file,
where are you placing your files? if placing them in the Addon Scenery/scenery folder make sure the Addon Scenery is at the top of of the FSX settings priority list so FSX reads your files last

good luck :)

phew!! time for breakfast
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Dear Ray,

until now i started with ETSI completely new. Your idea of excluding all with the yellow button was right. Now there are only a few details left before finishing ETSI.

Thank you very much for your help!

Many greetings from Bavaria,