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  1. N

    ADE Won't Recognize P3D. Stuck On "Choose FS Version"

    Hi everyone, I am having an issue where when I try to start up ADE, it doesn't recognize that I have P3D v5 installed. And I can't locate all of the file systems in the startup wizard or open stock airports: I did look at other forum posts on this, but I couldn't find a solution that worked...
  2. F

    How does one go about editing a BGL file.

    Hello everyone. I have about 20 or so airports that I forgot I even own because they don't have the yellow star in the world map. After doing some digging I downloaded ADE to change the star value. ADE made a new package that I place in my community folder and it shows the star on the world map...
  3. FS9ER

    ADE installations versions

    Hello, For a long time I've been using ADE v1.6x (I think it's either v1.60 or 1.61) it's been running great and all but if I want to install a second one the v1.78 completely separate from 1.6x, will both versions be working normally?
  4. TulparSim

    MSFS How to properly implement MARS in MSFS2020?

    Hello, MARS system, Multiple Aircraft Ramp System, is used widely in Turkey. Especially in Istanbul, this is crucial. It doubles the terminal gate capacity. Question is: 1- How to properly implement this system in MSFS 2020 sceneries? Is putting 2 mediums and 1 heavy at the same spot enough...
  5. approxdec

    FSX:SE ADE file hides old airfield in FSX but not in Little NavMap

    gday everyone. making a basic file in ADE hides a base file airfield in FSX, the beginning for a new design. but the base file airfield, in the wrong place, is still shown in Little NavMap [for example]. what technique is required to hide the base file from LNM ? thanks.
  6. M

    Autogen Appears Despite Exclude Autogen Polys Used in ADEX

    Good day all, I'm hoping you can help me out with this, because I've run out of ideas. Long story short, I'm building a fictional country in FSX full of custom airports and cities using ADEX. For about two years now, everything has gone swimmingly- I've even been building road systems with...
  7. Jason z

    MSFS Issue opening .bgl file

    I manually put in airline codes in the .xml file for an airport I'm working on (the rest was built in-sim). ADE opens the .xml file without any issues. However, when I export the package and try to open the .bgl file with ADE, this error occurs. Note that I could open up previous versions of the...
  8. Jason z

    ADE Can't open modified BGL (MSFS)

    I manually put in airline codes in the .xml file for an airport I'm working on (the rest was built in-sim). ADE opens the .xml file without any issues. However, when I export the package and try to open the .bgl file with ADE, this error occurs. Note that I could open up previous versions of the...
  9. C

    P3D v4 Any "quick start" guide?

    Hello everyone. I am not new to scenery development, a few years ago I tried making a ground image, polygons and etc. So I decided to return to this theme and I am quite confused now. Is there any step by step guide on which tools should I use to create an airport, what is the sequence of...
  10. Bert Laverman

    Can't seem to find many airports in default scenery

    I've been using the BGL File Format documentation to read scenery files, so I can build a list of airports and parkings. I'll use this data for a small app to test CsSimConnect, by creating an AI aircraft at user-provided parking locations. So far all is progressing nicely, and I appear to be...
  11. Poutine_Operator

    Ground Poly Error In ADE

    Hey all, I've been working on this fictional airport and every time I try and compile it I get this error from the ground poly editior - Any ideas on what it could be? I'm using the latest version of ade Ryan
  12. caleb

    P3D v4 Add dynamic lighting in sim?

    I have seen some tutorials on how to add dynamic lighting to P3D using model converter X. Adding the effect to a building and then overwriting an existing building BGL or adding the building to an airport with ADE. This may be a long shot, but does anyone know if there is a tool to add dynamic...
  13. J

    ADE not recognizing Flight Sim

    Hi all, I've recently downloaded ADE and I'm trying to choose my FS version. I have a grayed-out dropdown box, so I'm assuming it isn't recognizing where the flight simulator is installed. I'm currently running Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d. Do I need to install it in a different file path...
  14. Poutine_Operator

    Another Compiler Error (Different One This Time)

    Hey all, After not being able to add and recompile the ORBX scenery I redid the stock airport. This time I got farther in the compiling process like last time. Can't figure out where I'm going wrong here. Here is the error this time - Thanks in advance, Ryan
  15. Poutine_Operator

    Broken Compiler

    Hey all, I've been learning how to use ADE and I spent my afternoon adding in a fictional ramp for my VA. Now when I go to compile I get this error that pops up - Compiler Errors Found. These were not identified by the Issue Manager. Please let us know what the compiler error is so that we...
  16. Ironpot

    MSFS ADE and POI Project

    Hi Jon/Dick, I’ve been creating objects for a few weeks in Blender (still going) and have now brought them into a project via the InSim Dev mode. However because it’s going to be a POI and this has no airport, I’ve hit some issues: 1. I cannot use Aprons and other items such as Helipad and...
  17. TheoAzur

    MSFS CTD with Approach procedure

    Hi, I'm struggling with MSFS STAR/SID/APPROACH procedures on a "built from scratch" airport (french military airport not referenced in game). For now, SID/STAR have been done and appear correctly into the sim. But, when I click on my custom approach procedure, the game crashes to desktop...
  18. Draken


    Hello, I have spent a significant amount of time creating a photorealistic airport (LIMN). I premise that the terrain around the airport is not flat (same altitude). At south end of the airport I have an altitude of 541.5 feet at north end an altitude of 589.5 feet. Either altitudes have been...
  19. ZdenniZ

    MSFS Adding custom materials - not supported yet?

    Scruffyduck, as far as I understood, there is no way yet in ADE to add custom runway/apron materials the way that the internal tools allow, am I correct? I read the manual's section on the materials/surfaces and it looked to me as if only what's already present can be changed around. Please...
  20. L

    ADE Custom Ground Poly bug

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forum and I hope I am doing well. I have been working in ADE for a long time to improve a small airport in my city, however, I am having too much trouble placing my polygons and lines. When trying to add both, the editor starts to flicker and hang. I...