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MSFS MSFS Visibility conditions

I'm trying to implement visibility conditions into my simobjects

I've tried many codes with many structures (old p3d/fsx partinfo sections and new behavior/component sections) but nothing seems to work
I've read a topic showcasing the code structure but still no result

here is my test model, a simple ball over a box, I'm trying to hide the ball on july

so I've taken the liberty to copy / paste your code @Christian Bahr because you said it worked (I'm just testing, there is no intent to distribute what so ever)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModelInfo guid="{4bf4cfcc-51dc-4158-bc46-fd6992fdadec}" version="1.1">
        <LOD minSize="0" ModelFile="box.gltf"/>
<Component ID="ball" Node="ball">
                    (E:LOCAL MONTH OF YEAR, Number) 7 == if{ 0 } els{ 1 }

still, nothing works
I also tried to use the time of day var but no luck
here is my simobject attached, please help!

thnx in advance :)


  • sosampletry.zip
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  • blend file.zip
    135.7 KB · Views: 54
I assume, that the reason why it doesn't work is, that you have to us ID="box" NODE="ball" because the names correspondent to the blender content names.
So give that a try. If it's not working, export the box and the ball into two different exports and use the visabilty only for the ball object.
Your component section must be inside Behaviors section

( @GuidoH The id is just and internal Id and it is not required to match the node name)

(Never tried with simobject type Animal, only with Landmarks or Airplanes, but should work as well)

&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?&gt;
&lt;ModelInfo guid="{4bf4cfcc-51dc-4158-bc46-fd6992fdadec}" version="1.1"&gt;
&lt;LOD minSize="0" ModelFile="box.gltf"/&gt;
&lt;Component ID="ball" Node="ball"&gt;
(E:LOCAL MONTH OF YEAR, Number) 7 == if{ 0 } els{ 1 }



Some instructions about Simboject

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Thank you soo much!
Hint: in the export settings, look at the copyright, Mamudesign
That youtuber it's me

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