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MSFS Only LOD 0 created (should be 4x LOD)... why?!?!

I have a scenery object created in Blender. I'm using the Asobo official MSFS Blender exporter. I have four LOD for the object, for which the Collection names end in:


The Multi-Export gLTF 2.0 correctly identifies these as different LOD. I add in the LOD Value (for minSize) and then export, which run OK (no errors or warnings). The resulting XML is as-expected (inc. the correct minSize) and the four GLTF models all display correctly in Windows 3D viewer. I then Build to create my Package. However, when loading and viewing the Package in MSFS only a single LOD is present (LOD 0/0), which is confirmed by using the Debug LODs tool. I cannot figure out why! Does anyone have any ideas please?

Many thanks

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Show us your model's XML file.
As generated by Asobo's Blender exporter (correctly, so far as I can tell?)...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModelInfo guid="{7f20a8f9-2c6e-4d10-8c4b-3148c5a1c485}" version="1.1">
<LOD minSize="40" ModelFile="tp_msfs_basic_blue_LOD0.gltf"/>
<LOD minSize="20" ModelFile="tp_msfs_basic_blue_LOD1.gltf"/>
<LOD minSize="10" ModelFile="tp_msfs_basic_blue_LOD2.gltf"/>
<LOD minSize="1" ModelFile="tp_msfs_basic_blue_LOD3.gltf"/>


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I used your XML with a cube model and it displays just fine. So that doesn't tell us anything. Try moving the model to a new location a bit far away and see if the placement is a problem. Also how big is the object?
It is working now... but I can't be sure why!

It may have had something to do with GUID, as I decided to try generating a new GUID in the Blender exporter and swapping out the old GUID for the new one in the placement XML. This would make sense, except I deleted the package every time I re-built the package... so if there was an error with the GUID nothing will have shown up at all.