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Christian Bahr

Resource contributor

The update for P3Dv4 for Muelheim Ruhr X is ready. You can download the scenery now. The scenery is freeware.

Muelheim Ruhr X is a complex and detailed 3-D city model and the airport EDLE Essen / Muelheim, which has also been implemented highly detailed.

New features for P3DV4.x

- latest 90km² large aerial image 60-cm
- Airport with aerial image 7-cm
- Dynamic lights
- Newly developed 3-D lights
- SODE-controlled wind projects: Windsock /Landing T / wind direction indicator at the tower
- Scenery Configurator LITE
- Installation location freely selectable
- Installation as addon package
- Installer with three languages

Copyright Aerial Image: Land NRW 2017


Bild 1: Muelheim Ruhr X Up-To-Date


Bild 2: Muelheim Ruhr X with dynamic lights


Bild 3: The dynamic lights have been carefully distributed throughout the airport


Bild 4: SODE implementation. The detailed and animated wind objects react to the wind


Bild 5: Airport Essen/Muelheim from the viewpoint of Avatar William from the Bahrometrix Avatar package


Bild 6: The airport from Above. The transition to FTX Germany North is not noticeable


Bild 7: The Scenery Configurator LITE by 29Palms Scenery Design as Freeware


Bild 8: The installation location is freely selectable, the scenery is regitered as an add-on package in the Sim

For users of FTX Germany North, please note that they must set the corresponding option in the Scenery Configurator LITE and must disable two files. These files are located here: Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_GEN_05_SCENERY\scenery

- FTX_GEN_EDLE_objects.bgl

The download is as usual without registration and is available free of charge from the Bahrometrix download page.

The scenery fits perfectly into the ORBX world. In particular, it is tuned to FTX Germany North. Thank you very much for the very charming FTX Germany North, which enriches me and my simulator. Great work done here.
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Incredible!! I am interested in what your strategy was with blending it into FTX. Did you make any custom scenery around the airport or did you only do scenery for the airport itself?

Again, great work!


Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Thanks for the kind words :)

Wow! You have outdone yourself Christian. This scenery looks amazing. Thanks very much for your awesome efforts

Hi sharmes6.

This is only an p3dv4 update, the scenery has been there for some time already ;-)

Incredible!! I am interested in what your strategy was with blending it into FTX. Did you make any custom scenery around the airport or did you only do scenery for the airport itself?Thanks

Hi Caleb.

Well, embedding in FTX Germany North is based on an overall concept that rests on two pillars. On the one hand, there is an aerial image of the entire city, which has been color-processed until it fits into the surroundings. There is also a higher-resolution aerial image for the airport. Both aerial images merge into each other so that they fit perfectly into each other. The Autogen, the ai-car traffic, the aerial image, as well as the blend.- and water masks were prepared using a GIS software. Landclasses or vector polygons were not used in the scenery.

Otherwise, all 3-D model have been designed. The 3-D city model comes from Ralf-Peter Goppelt, a few buildings are from me. The buildings and objects of the airport were completely created by me. For this, countless photo shots were made by me personally which then again turned into textures and mapped to the 3-D models. The result can be seen in the pictures :)
Ok I see. So it's like different imagery that blend into each other in a gradient type way?

Ok I see. So it's like different imagery that blend into each other in a gradient type way?


Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Ok I see. So it's like different imagery that blend into each other in a gradient type way?Thanks

It is so: both aerial images (airport and city) are resampled separately from each other. The city aerial image has a 60-cm resolution, the airport aerial has a 7-cm resolution. Due to a clever use of blend masks, both aerial images fit perfectly into each other:


City aerial image with LOD16 / 60-cm


Airport aerial image with LOD19 / 7-cm

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hi Christian.

This jewel is nearly comparable to all ORBX airfield sceneries out there at the moment. No differences in quality, but only in price - thank you for this outstanding freeware!
Agree. This is really orbx quality.

Many Thanks!

The ORBX sceneries are then quite a different, higher category than my small dilletant freeware projects :rolleyes:

Nevertheless I feel very honored :D
Hey Chris,

Thought Id share since we both achieved similar results, with different techniques (yours is far more elegant LOL). Instead of blending the two photoreals, I just use two different ones. The base is at LOD 16....covering a large area, and then the area around the airport at LOD 18. Instead of cutting on the mask and blending into a single scenery file, I simply created two different scenery files, to be installed separately. The LOD 16 has to be installed at a lower level than 18 on the scenery library......and they work great together.

Your scenery looks great as usual!


Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Thank you David!

Would it be possible to post a few pictures for your example? So right I can not imagine exactly how you solved this. And I would like to learn :)
As promised Christian.

I created two separate photoreals, one called BASE at LOD 16 (Zoom Level 16), and a smaller one that barely surrounds the airport called APT (Zoom Level 18).

The BASE photoreal covers a large are and has normal blendmasks. It does not have a "hole" in it. The Top Level (APT) Photoreal has a mask to only show the mountain area around the airport.

APT (Top Level) Mask:


Once the photoreal bgls are compiled, they are each added to their own scenery file in P3D Scenery Library, the BASE one being at a lower level:


This is how they blend looking from above:
Top View.jpg

The high definition will be visible only during final approach, notice blend line:

Approach from opposite rwy end:
Essentialy, I did not need to match "holes" between a base and a top blend mask. I essentially overlaid one over the other....and split into two different scenery files so I could manipulate the layering order, BASE first, APT on top.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
pinkjr, have many thanks for the provision of the information! One can choose between at least two methods to blend aerial images with different resolutions :)
Yes sir! what I need to figure out now is if placing a specific order inside the photoreal INF file has any effect on photoreal draw order on FS.
If it does, then there is a possibility that both photoreals can be compiled into a single bgl file.