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Need .x file exported from 3DS Max using latest P3D v4.5.12.30293 SDK


Recently, I have requested Arno to have a look into the latest SDK. He said it seems there are new features might got added especially on PBR materials part. Since we both don’t have 3DS Max software we couldn’t produce the .x file. I hope someone who has it could help produce the .x file and attach on this forum so he can look on the new features that has been added.

Thank you.
Hi I have 3DSMax tell me what you need here or PM me what you want also 2019. Student license is the best

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That's odd; I have Max 2011, export to x file via the 1.4 SDK (FSX format), then push it through MCX, and re-export to 4.5 format, PBR and all. What exactly is it you are mssing?
No no we need to make an X file directly from 3ds max to get new entries there.

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Seems we are talking at cross purposes. Basically, you don't need Max at all, you can use gmax, fsds, Sketchup, or blender to create the FSX mdl, then recompile to 4.5 via MCX. But your offer is great; that way Arno can see if there are any differences.
Hi @mjahn,

@Itay Dorfman is correct. The one we are using via the plugin for all other 3D software (GMax, FSDS, Sketchup, or Blender) is actually has similar purpose as what 3DS Max does. The only thing is, whether the plugin has been updated or not. The new features in MCX also got updated using the .x file created from 3DS Max. So, what is being exported by MCX will be similar as what is exported by 3DS Max.

So, the latest PBR materials need to be added as provided by the latest SDK. But in order to find out in what format does the new features is written in the .X file, according to the latest SDK, we need the .X file exported directly from 3DS Max.

@Itay Dorfman, please export the .x file from 3DS MAX 2019 since it has the latest plugin used.

I hope @arno can guide what is needed.
That's good. I think you just export a cube model with some PBR materials selected. I think the export should provide all the details in .X file even if we didn't select certain attributes. Just try uploading it here. Maybe if we need anything else, that can be guided by Arno later part.
I will make couple of cubes with different smooth and metallic properties I think

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Here is the new X file 1 hour early thx to canceled hours in school


  • New .x file.rar
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I don't see anything new in the X file.

The discussion I had with @MANOCHVARMA RAMAN mainly focussed on the question if you can use the P3D v4 additional detail map settings with the PBR materials. Some pictures in the SDK seem to hint at that. Could somebody try to make a simple box in 3DS Max that has a PBR material plus these detail map settings? To see if that is supported in the X file.
What do you mean by adding those settings like add a detail map

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Now that I had another look at the SDK I see that the parameters that @MANOCHVARMA RAMAN found are only listed in the normal material editor, not in the PBR editor, so I don't think they are supported for PBR. So I don't think another file is needed. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I can't confirm this, but within the P3D SDK (v4.5) pictured, the "detail" map or slot is available within 3ds Max under PBR Materials (Software Development Kit -> Modeling -> 3ds Max - > Modeling -> PBR Materials). Can anyone confirm that this slot is available within 3ds Max? Is there a slot for "Detail" Map (see below):

2019-05-24 08_41_04-Greenshot.png

Could this be a misprint?
Yes, the detail map was always there. It's the additional detail parameters that are available since P3Dv4 that we were looking at. But these don't seem available in PBR.