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P3D v4 PBR Object only showing diffuse color instead of texture


I have been trying to create some spheres and experimenting PBR metallic and smoothness value changes.

When i export my spheres, I only get diffuse colour in P3D instead of the texture color. The texture colour is shown only if the diffuse colour slot in MCX is set to white (255,255,255). If other than white, then the diffuse colour is shown instead of texture assigned.

The diffuse colour slot in MCX has these color code (A,RGB):
- Grey Spheres (on right) is 255, 255, 255, 255
- Green Spheres (on left) is 255, 154, 205, 50


My textures:
  • Albedo texture is grey colour (203,203,203) without alpha channel and saved as DXT1 format.
  • Metallic texture (DXT5):
    Red: 247, 247, 247
    Green: 252, 252, 252
    Blue: Black
    Alpha (Smoothness): 235, 235, 235
I have tried exporting similar model to v4 and I got the spheres with the texture color:

So, why does this happens to PBR materials only?
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I have a hunch. When you are doing PBR's in Quixel, the diffuse color needs to be white in order to show the diffuse/albedo texture as is. If you darken the color the diffuse texture will darken proportionately. In other words, manipulating the color is an easy way to tweak the tonal value of the texture. Seems to me the same thing happens in P3D PBR export, and very likely already in Max's PBR material setup. Looks like this has happened in your example, too. The left sphere probably shows a blend of grey texture and green color. Easily tested, put some colored text on the texture and see what gives ...
I noticed this as well while experimenting. I had converted one of my models to PBR materials but couldn't figure out why the wings were fine but the fuselage was much darker. Turned out the base material for the wings was set for 255, 255, 255, but the fuselage was something like 150, 150, 150.