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P3D v3 [SOLVED] Custom Autogen Objects do not show up. Suppress Vegetation.


Resource contributor
I've noticed issues with calling custom autogen objects from P3Ds default.xml.
They simply do not show up and also supress all autogen vegetation within the same cell.
Below is a scenery that I created for FSX with custom lightpoles and vehicles called via the default.xml. Works fine (light poles in background):

Same scenery in P3Dv2 or P3Dv3... only the buildings show up:

The user (@49Degrees) in this thread seems to be experienceing the same issue but never seemed to get it solved.
A few times, I got the "GUID not found:" Error in Annotator, but even when I rectified that issue (The objects can now be correctly selected and identified in Annotator), still no luck in P3D.

I'm not sure if @Clutch Cargo and @ca_metal from the thread below managed to fix their issues either.

Does anyone have any success in getting custom autogen objects to appear in P3D?

P.S: I'm sure its not a MDL or BGL issue because they show up fine when placed via XML.
P.P.S: P3Ds default Telephone Poles seem to show up in certain areas just fine when called as autogen objects.


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Are you sure it's not a missing texture or so? That can also result in missing objects.

And does your object have drawcall batching or not? For vegetation objects that matters (but that is also in FSX).
Yes, I figured that it must have been draw call batching, but I have double checked that; loaded and re-saved the models within MCX to ensure draw call batching was saved, and still no luck.

All textures are present as they have been copied over from the FSX version.

The weird issue is, if I remove these objects from the agn files, the trees show up again.
Also, any cell that does not contain agn objects displays trees just fine.
Weird, I have not encountered this before.

Is the object complex? In that case you might try a more simple one and see if that works.
I'll try to have a look tonight.
Flu kept me away from my PC for a few days. I'll check later (writing this from the iPad, not the PC).
So I did some experimentation:

Replaced my light pole model with the default telephone pole autogen model, gave it my custom GUID and placed it within my custom library BGL. Reopened P3D. Still nothing.
So it is definitely not a model or texture issue, as these same telepoles will show up in the sim if I call the original GUIDs.

There must be something simple I am missing concerning P3Ds implementation of custom autogen objects.

Any further ideas?

Sorry, forgot to check this thread.

I assume you only send some of your lights? Since in your XML code I see objects that are not in the BGL file.

Is your scenery actually in zone K of the autogen system? That's where you put the objects in the default.xml file. You might want to try zone R instead.
Arno you genius! That was it. Thanks so much.

Its weird. I never thought to look there because that region worked in FSX just fine. No memory as to why I used 'K' though. Oh well! Thanks for the correction!
Interesting that FSX and P3D work differently here. Apparantly FSX searches other regions if it can't find a class. I don't expect K to be the default fallback (K is Brittian), B (North America North) would be a much more logical default region.