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FSX:SE XML gauge file locked

Hello experts,

I am sorry for such a basic question but I am surprised by what is happening with my FSX-SE. I am an absolute beginner regarding XML gauge coding (you probably know I like C++ much better), I wrote a very simple XML gauge that I integrated in a panel. I selected the aircraft in FSX and saw the result, fine. Then I changed the XML code in my editor and couldn't save the file, Windows told me it was used by another process. Of course, the aircraft was still used in FSX, locking the file. So I selected another aircraft and... same error. So I had to close FSX to be able to save the file and restart FSX to test the changes, what a pain...

I am not an expert in XML coding, I developed very few gauges, but I am 99% sure this didn't happen before. I am almost sure I could change the XML file by loading another aircraft in FSX, unloading the aircraft should unlock the XML gauge file. Am I crazy or did I miss something?

For information, this happened with the Aerosoft Airbus A320 that I purchased recently.

Thanks for your help,
Forget my question, I found the answer. This is just because this XML gauge is part of a DLC (I bought this add-on on Steam).
Using an XML gauge in the "gauges" folder makes it work perfect now and I can change it as I wish :)
To add to Tom's post, if you have a registered FSUIPC :
- For FS9, assign "Reload Panels" to a keyboard key or other
- For FSX+, assign "Reload User Aircraft" to a keyboard key or other
All this does is negate the installation of the reload gauge in your development aircraft.
Either way... Both will work.
No guys, sorry to ay you both are wrong :)
I know this RELOAD PANEL gauge, I implemented the same, it is very convenient. But in that specific case, it doesn't work. As soon as FSX starts, the XML file cannot be saved, it is locked by FSX itself, even if another aircraft is loaded since the beginning. I guess this is because the XML gauge is part of a DLC and located in a subfolder of the "DLC" folder. I think this is the reason because when I moved the gauge to the "Gauges" folder, everything worked fine, including the RELOAD PANEL gauge ;)