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Detail texture replaces texture it's supposed to enhance.


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Unless I completely misunderstand detail textures, they're suppose to add detail when zoomed up close but leave the texture looking mostly unchanged when viewed at a distance.
No matter what I try, any detail texture I add to my ground polygon completeley replaces the original.

This is the original texture; it's supposed to be a satellite image of a concrete apron, clearly with areas of varied colour.
Capture 2.PNG

When I add the detail texture, instead of an apron of varied colors with some details up close, I get one completely uniform apron.
Capture 3.PNG

This is what it looks like up close, good detail, but no variation in the colours of the tiles like I desire.

Tested in sim; same results.

I have seen several examples of asphalt and concrete that have great details up close but are still varied at distance. What am I missing?
What are your settings for the detail texture? You can control the blending and scaling.
The poly's were made using ADE. I cant find the detail strength setting anywhere.

And changing the Detail Blend Weight in MCX does nothing either. I am also assuming this will do
nothing for FSX. What settings should I be changing?
Capture 2.PNG

Capture 3.PNG
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Oh, my mistake, the weight is for P3D v4 only. You could try to lower the bump scale that's at 10 now?

How dark is the texture you use as detail map?
Not darker than any of the default detail textures in P3D or those I've seen in other sceneries. The current one is in 8-bit format, but I have also tried to use transparency in a DDS DXT5 format. However transparency in detail textures seems to be ignored all together.

P.S: This is a P3Dv4 native GP, but changing the detail blend weight does not show any changes in MCX.
All sounds good. I would have to test it, ran out of ideas for now.
I've attached what I'm working with for easy reference.


  • detail texture.zip
    1.7 MB · Views: 256

I had a quick look. If you look closely you see that the two textures are actually blended. So I think it's just the way the blending works. It seems that if the detail texture is lighter in colour, you see more of the diffuse texture through it. I think the diffuse texture differences are just too subtle now, compared to the amount of contrast in the detail map.

In P3D v4 you can adjust the blending, but for other version I think you would have to tune your textures to get the effect you are looking for.
You are right Arno, the textures were too close in lightness. I increased the contrast and darkened my base texture a bit while lightening the detail texture and now I can see the variation. Thanks for your help, again.