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  1. jpfil

    MSFS Polygon Falloff

    Hi, The falloff property of polygons no longer works in my editor. The transition remains very abrupt regardless of the entered value. Anyone have a solution? Thanks.
  2. Misho

    MSFS Custom Aerial Scenery - trying to remove default land "detail" texture

    Hi Everyone! I created a custom Aerial Scenery, however, it comes with some default land "detail" texturing... for instance, on asphalt parking lot, there are huge cracks - it looks more like a Death Valley lake bed :rolleyes:. It makes the texture look messy and dirty. I would like to have a...
  3. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Building / Exporting, no changes on final package. (SOLVED)

    Hello everyone, I'm using the latest SDK release as of November 11, 2022 v.0.20.3 for MSFS. I attempted to see the changes I made to my scenery with the SDK and after building the package, and viewing it in the sim, no changes were displayed. So, I can see my changes only during SDK mode but...
  4. M

    Scenery polygon and apron not showing any material and not excluding anything

    Hey guys! I know this issue have been addressed already once in this forum https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/polygons-are-no-longer-working-correctly-msfs-2020-sdk-0-7.450077/ But since than we had a lot of updates and the SDK was working okish... But since today I have the problem that...
  5. E

    [Help] Polygons in wrong place after building airport scenery

    For some reason in MSFS2020 when I place polygons and texture them, after I build the airport and load it, they are all slight moved and rotated. It's very infuriating. Any ideas what's going on here? You can see that the concrete square is not straight, and the polygon to cover up a white...
  6. S

    Flatten a embankment

    Hi Guys, I want to flatten a embankment in my Scenery. Problematically I get only many, many hills, but no flat surface. I used polygons und rectangels, but with the same result. Can anyone explain how to make a flat surface with straight edges? Many thanks! Jens Wilke, Germany
  7. C

    MSFS ***Can’t save/build polygons

    Hey guys first off ive been trying to find a solution for days now. So here it is.... Im trying to make the land where my cottage is look more like in reality and things werent going too bad. I had a polygon to romove a autogen building that wasnt quite like what i want so i exluded it and added...
  8. A

    Original Airport Objects Not Being Deleted

    Hi Its SDK and I still cannot delete all of a standard airport. The taxiway edge lights and the wind socks just will not delete. Tried everything, nothing works. My "Airport" have all the ticks to delete every object tickets, my polygone to delete all the building is intact and i've...
  9. Mr.Mo

    MSFS Polygons are no longer working correctly! (MSFS 2020 SDK 0.7)

    Hello Folks I am still working on my custom made airport (EDHK) and today some users told me, that there must be some type of problems with my polygon exclusions. So I checked the scenery by myself and they are right. I use a lot of polygons for building exclusions, vegetation, texture & Co...
  10. Fiideell

    Custom airport over default

    Hi, Im slowly continuing with my scenery. Started to import my objects to FS from Blender. And doing the first airport edits. I have a few issues to ask: 1) Some objects didnt make it to the sim from Blender. In total I exported like 20 at once, might this be the issue? 2) Is there a way to...
  11. DirectDani

    GMax Polygon Issue - FSX/P3D

    I have an issue with Gmax! - - I am "finally" done with the Polygon Spine, and next would be Converting this to a visible Poly. - - I Right click, Convert To - Convert To Editable Poly. - - Then nothing happens - - After Convert To - Convert To Editable Poly. -
  12. M

    Ground polygon not physical

    Hi! I try to make a basic ground polygon with only one texture. I made it in Blender, exported in collada (.dae), then in modelconverter x I exported it into .mdl, then with the ground polygon wizard I exported the mdl to bgl. After it, I put it into my airport scenery with texture of course. I...
  13. J

    Help with terrain

    Am currently modifying WBMU(Mulu) for P3DV4. The stock bgl is giving airport elevation of 1200feet which is not accurate in real life. I have adjust the elevation to 87.68feet as per charts. I drew the polygon over the terminal etc and flatten mask class map and exclude autogen. It seems to work...
  14. R

    FSX:SE Vector Polygon does not appear in FSX

    I've been using SBX for some days now, and I'm trying to make landclass around Paris CDG. I Used the vector polygon tool to cover the airport backround with grass and some areas with city landscape. I compiled the airport and runned FSX. To my suprise, there was no grass or city landscape, just...
  15. R

    My airport isn't completely covered in ice

    Hello I've been using the ADE for a while now, mostly to update the airports in FSX to how they look like nowadays. I've done the CDG airport, and I wanted to make an winter version of the airport. I didn't see a snow texture when selecting landclass while I was making an polygon, so I saw that...
  16. R

    My airport isn't completely covered in ice

    Hello I've been using the ADE for a while now, mostly to update the airports in FSX to how they look like nowadays. I've done the CDG airport, and I wanted to make an winter version of the airport. I didn't see a snow texture when selecting landclass while I was making an polygon, so I saw that...
  17. RicherSims

    P3D v3 [SOLVED] ADE does not compile GP with specular textures. (or bump)

    So the manual says include appropriately named textures as _bump, _detail and _spec in your textures folder of ADE and the P3D compiler will automatically include them in the material settings of your compiled GP BGL, but I have tested this on 2 different material templates and 2 different...
  18. RicherSims

    Detail texture replaces texture it's supposed to enhance.

    Unless I completely misunderstand detail textures, they're suppose to add detail when zoomed up close but leave the texture looking mostly unchanged when viewed at a distance. No matter what I try, any detail texture I add to my ground polygon completeley replaces the original. This is the...
  19. Rick Celik

    P3D v4 Question about polygon count

    Hi, I have been working on my payware Australian scenery since the start of the year and there is a few key static aircraft that i would like to place at the airport i'm working on. And i'm planning on announcing the scenery soon. However aircraft modeling is something i only have about 3 weeks...
  20. RicherSims

    Wrong Season Loads on Ground Poly

    I used MCX to add seasons to my Ground Poly. But whenever I reopen the BGL and set BGL_ZULU_DAY to anywhere between 335 and 31, instead of Fall textures, Winter is loaded. Same thing happens in sim. All other seasons work fine. Any ideas?