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  1. conver

    XML vector drawing

    Hello guys. I want to draw a vectors of forces acting on aircraft during flight on 2D gauge using xml which will be updated dynamically as intensity of vectors change. Question... how to draw horizontal line or rectangle which will go left or right from defined starting point ? For instance if I...
  2. M

    P3D v4 XML Keys: Detect axis mapping and trap

    Hello all, It's been a long time since I last posted in this forum, but I've been lurking around and soaking knowledge like a sponge. I'm designing a study level aircraft with TPE-331 engines (single shaft turboprop) and I've found through trial and error how I need to set my power and RPM...
  3. E

    FSX:SE XML gauge file locked

    Hello experts, I am sorry for such a basic question but I am surprised by what is happening with my FSX-SE. I am an absolute beginner regarding XML gauge coding (you probably know I like C++ much better), I wrote a very simple XML gauge that I integrated in a panel. I selected the aircraft in...
  4. Q

    About the dreaded Exception code: 0xc0000005

    I've been getting this error after the latest "patch", among many others (the control sensitivity is a disaster now) but I want to focus on the topic now. Foreword: since we are developers here, and I suppose that many have active developer background (not scenery/aircraft development, I mean...
  5. Mr.Mo

    MSFS Problems with ILS (SOLVED)

    Folks, I have a short question. Is it possible to modify a single ILS in the XML? I am getting problems with the stock runway ILS data for the 08. The 26 works perfect but the ILS antenna 08 is in real and within the Sim placed beside the runway, not at the end. So the plane lands wide away...
  6. TheGreyGoose

    Need Help to demistify XML needle pointing and nonlinearity table correlations.

    I'm about to knit this new XML sweater with a needle... Let's call it a fuel gauge. I've worn out far too many old threads and the now vintage FS2X tutorials which leaves some things to be desired in the way of full explanations so I will attempt to provide some here to help future proof while...
  7. R

    P3D v4 Shift and Rotation on Image causes wild distortion

    I'm new to XML gauge design, but this one has me completely stumped. I have an ADI bitmap for an electronic flight display. If I apply a Shift (or variable vertical FloatPosition) for pitch, no problem. As soon as I add a rotation for bank though, I get bizarre distortion that happens with or...
  8. C

    Reading a "dummy axis" with XML gauge

    The name of the game today: I am writing a XML gauge to simulate the unusual nose wheel steering on Twin Commanders, which is operated by the toe brakes as opposed to rudder. The first part of toe pedal travel (e.g. 30%) is dedicated to steering; beyond that, the pedal applies brake as...
  9. Deano1973

    Reciprocal bearing value ( SOLVED )

    Hi folks, a super-quick request for help with a bearing to station code. I have a station frequency, and I can obtain a bearing from it to me. I want to turn that into a bearing from me to the station. My code does work, but errs when I am to the east of the station; <Element>...
  10. G

    P3D v4 Help with first gauge development

    Hi Everyone, I am a software developer and needed a checklist window to show up in VR in PMDG. After reading a bit about gauges and panels, I created my first gauge! Everything went fine until I ran Prepar3d, clicked on Test Panel -> No Content. No errors when loading the PMDG either. PMDG...
  11. A

    Plane icon not showing in bitmap

    Hello, I downloaded an addon which is an in flight entertainment screen. It's installed as a 2D panel and it has a moving map with information about time, temperature, distance, etc. When it cycles to the map, the plane icon is not showing and I tried contacting the developer however his email...
  12. delivery guy

    P3D v4 Security issue P3D Addon XML

    To me the addon xml method is inviting some to repack your product and give it out to others or put your product online for others to download. Do you think most developers will not use this?
  13. Flywell

    FSX Create identical XML LibObjects having individual friendly names ?

    Hello, Found this very useful command for Scenproc to add several windmills to my scenery, with their actual heading and nearly real size : “ Create library objects where - the GUID is stored in an attribute named OBJGUID, - the scale in an attribute SCALE - the heading in an attribute HDG “...
  14. Itay Dor

    P3D v4 Changing button texture when it pressed or something else happens (failure)

    I want to change the push button of an airbus to be lighten when fault happens or you just turn of the system. How i do it with XML gauges? Thanks for help
  15. W

    FSX Coders needed!

    Hi, Im back again. I am currently in need of some coders to help code effects for fsx. If you are interested please PM me. Thanks.
  16. Ronald

    DLL-powered-gauges vrs XML-powered-gauges

    With the recent news that P3D and FSW are "going 64-bits" and the changes in their support of (64-bits) add-ons I was wondering: "What are the technical and internal differences between DLL-powered gauges vrs XML-powered-gauges" What i've learned myself so far is that: A - DLL-powered-gauges...
  17. T

    FSX XML coding help needed - array?

    Hi folks, I have managed to get an XML gauge to work that uses the fs9gps TrafficInfo to retrieve AI positions. All it needs to do is to write bearing, distance, altitude to L: Vars. The gauge has no visible output. Can anybody tell me how I can modify the code to allow for e.g. 15 aircraft to...
  18. RicherSims

    P3D v3 [SOLVED] Custom Autogen Objects do not show up. Suppress Vegetation.

    I've noticed issues with calling custom autogen objects from P3Ds default.xml. They simply do not show up and also supress all autogen vegetation within the same cell. Below is a scenery that I created for FSX with custom lightpoles and vehicles called via the default.xml. Works fine (light...
  19. Lieuallen

    FSXA Using scmp to compare strings with no MouseEvent -- SOLVED

    I had an idea for a very simple gauge. When flying for my VA, I'd like to have a piece of paper taped to the panel showing the flight number. I did a quick design, and it works pretty well. Now, I'd like to gussy it up a bit. If there is no flight number, I'd like the paper to say something...
  20. T

    FSXA Razbam Metroliner 2d Pop-ups

    After learning how to dump the modeldef from an addon, I realized I could copy mouse rectangle codes for use in panel clickspots. Using Photoshop and a lot of trial and error, I created pop-up panels for the two main switch panels of the Razbam Metroliner. They work with Bjoern's Mods, and they...